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05/03/21 9:03:07 PM

You know the one.

Just curious to see how many people learned it from actually playing the game.

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05/03/21 9:04:45 PM

I saw it in an issue of EGM, don't remember which issue, but it was early 2000s.

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05/03/21 9:06:48 PM

Heard a kid on the school bus talking about it. I didn't know what it even was at the time, but the way he described it was so vivid I could recall it when I finally played it years later.

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05/03/21 9:13:55 PM

It has to be the strategy guide. I used to read that like it was an actual novel.
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05/03/21 9:20:46 PM

I can't remember, but it was either while playing it myself or watching my brother play

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05/03/21 9:22:00 PM

Someone I used to know spoiled it for me when I was just starting the game (this was in 97 when the game was released).
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05/03/21 9:31:16 PM

hard to say

I definitely played it before I ever came to B8 in 2002, but I can't remember if I saw it somewhere else on the internet or not

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05/03/21 9:36:47 PM

From playing the game. It didnt hit me that hard because I was sure the character was just going to come back somehow like previous games seemed to do. When the character didnt, for a while I just thought I missed some side quest.

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05/03/21 9:52:15 PM

It took me way longer to figure out why everyone on board 8 would talk about *spoilers*.com

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05/03/21 10:00:01 PM

i think it was literally from the porn site

either that or from Advent Children because i bought that without playing the game because it looked cool

i don't remember which came first

i remember seeing the old LegendaryFrog flash animations and that was my introduction to the characters. there's references to the spoiler in those iirc but i had no idea what it was talking about back then
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05/03/21 10:06:16 PM

It might have been from the first issue of PSX Magazine. What an issue that was.
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05/03/21 10:09:02 PM

I don't even remember. Voted for "other board or website" but I can't really rule Board 8 out. Could have been a gaming magazine like EGM too.

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05/03/21 10:09:54 PM

By watching a friend play the game in high school.

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05/03/21 10:10:54 PM

Snake5555555555 posted...
I saw it in an issue of EGM, don't remember which issue, but it was early 2000s.

Oh right, I should've included "other gaming magazine" under the BradyGames option.

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05/03/21 10:17:38 PM

One spring afternoon at my PC I finally got to that part and was quite surprised.

This issues still comes to mind now and then
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05/03/21 11:16:11 PM

A mix of #2 and #4 when my friend told me about "some other website"

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Big Bob
05/03/21 11:28:42 PM

I actually didn't know much about FFVII back in 2003 when I first joined the website. Seeing Cloud dominate the contest baffled me, and the memes about the spoiler basically gave it away.

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05/04/21 1:20:40 AM

Playing the game 7 or 8 years after it came out. I do recall my friend kinda hinting that I shouldn't get dependent on that character but I didn't fully understand the implication.
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05/04/21 4:09:39 AM

My girlfriend at the time accidentally spoiled it for me. She was the one that recommended I play it in the first place!
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05/04/21 4:11:34 AM

I think it's a testament to how widespread this spoiler is/was that a poll held on one of the biggest FF7 bastions on the internet still only has 1/3 of the respondents having learned the spoiler from playing the actual game.

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05/04/21 4:39:26 AM

I forget exactly, but my older brother played the game before I did and I think it was either through him or one of his friends.

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05/04/21 11:29:12 AM

From a magazine. It wasn't the strategy guide. It rated the characters and said if they were useful and it mentioned said spoiler.

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05/04/21 11:34:38 AM

I don't remember, I was a kid and my mum played the game first so maybe from her, or the strategy guide which I definitely will have looked through. It definitely wasn't from playing the game myself (although I do remember a rumour that you could swap the identity of the spoilers by doing different stuff from the start, and so I did try that.)

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05/04/21 12:12:58 PM

wheres the agasonex option

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05/04/21 12:18:46 PM

CoolCly posted...
wheres the agasonex option

Some other website

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05/04/21 12:22:03 PM

Strategy guide

I was looking up how to beat the demon wall and flipped ahead a couple pages to see what else to expect...

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05/04/21 12:50:17 PM

I honestly don't remember. Don't think it was from playing the game since I wasn't able to get it until about a year after it came out and I had the guide. I'm thinking it was either from a friend or magazine article before I even had the guide, though.

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05/04/21 1:04:37 PM

Definitely found out about it through gamefaqs. Final Fantasy (9 specifically) was my gateway into forums in general, this being my first.
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05/04/21 1:41:20 PM

It was a magazine. I don't think it was even a guide, more like a 'tips' section that just showed where all the best weapons were. Aeris' entry ended with "Get her stuff quickly because, well, you know what happens to her"

Er, no, I didn't, but since you've said that I think I've got a pretty good guess...
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05/04/21 1:41:40 PM

I honestly don't even remember. It's something I kind of remember always knowing once I got into/starting hearing about video games. Very Darth Vaderish in that way.

I remember there being this one guy who had a web site(s) all about FFVII and OoT and how they were clearly the best games of all time, so maybe there. Does that extremely basic opinion ring a bell to any one? He flipped his **** when the Wind Waker art first came out.

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metroid composite
05/04/21 2:04:42 PM

I honestly don't remember. Long before I played the game, I know that much.

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05/04/21 2:14:50 PM

It's been so long that I don't remember. It just feels like I've always knew.

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05/04/21 4:10:04 PM

A friend on another message board, like 15-17 years ago, had this in his sig-
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Kinda shitty but he was the one who gave me burned copies of the game from the original PC release and that's how I played it for the first time

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05/04/21 7:15:11 PM

i played the game when it first came out so by playing the game.

was pretty pissed off cause i spent a lot of time leveling her up and shit.

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05/04/21 7:42:43 PM

Feel like it had to be when I popped online, as FFVII was already years old so sometimes people put spoilers around it and sometimes people didn't. And it was just a "okay" for me until I actually got to learn about the game.

I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.
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Mega Mana
05/04/21 7:45:09 PM

The first contest

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