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Time for me to return to rating VGM stuff.

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Regarding this thing and to not bump up last month's to do so...

KCF0107 posted...
There are so many games that we have yet to do and will never be featured that I feel like doing previous games would be a waste. More importantly, I don't really see what the point would be in allowing that.

Not everyone in these topics has time every month, or the capabilities to get the games in those months. I know of a few games that passed by and either I didn't have the time or the game at the time (this month included with how I'd want to play Yooka-Laylee but definitely don't have the ability to get it right now). Sometimes people don't get to beat a game they'd want to due to having too many of the games in a month. There's a lot of reasons someone just didn't get to beat something the time that it showed up.

That said, it should never be in place of our three monthly stuff. Maybe at best it could be a birthday extra sort of moment (and one can only GotM back grab if they didn't get to beat it themselves, that way we don't get those 'hey I wanna recommend more people play SMB3' sort of things to make it appear 50 times like MMX joked about) or apply to one month a year as sort of a "retro" month. That's my idea with at least making sure it's not a wasted slot, at least.

And in addition, only one game applies to this, sometimes people nominate games that are coming out in that upcoming month, and we have obviously Suikoden having that remake done. That has a chance of getting a lot more players when it's one of our games with only two people that completed it due to lack of ownership. Allowing something to gain a re-nomination through a 4th game it would allow more players to complete it for here, not just on their own.

Sometimes I'm just someone that likes an excuse to play some games or even replay some.

Off the subject, I guess I should put my Assassin's Creed 2 nomination on the board, instead of skipping out on nominating again.

I'll just go back to gifs. Not like the winner was gonna click my topic.

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