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Prevent defense is like the ultimate example of trash conservative playcalling. Almost everyone runs it because it's considered the "safe" defense because you aren't going to give up a 70 yard TD pass and the media will roast any coach who loses because they give up a big play but for some bizarre reason will just chalk up getting carved up on easy consecutive 20-25 yard passes because it's a trash defensive concept up as "Damn, that opposing QB just had an incredible GW drive" without acknowledging that the defense basically gave up all the completions on that drive without a fight.

I have to assume the analytics bear it out too, but just like how going for it on 4th and short to seal a game is considered "gutsy" the actual "guts" is media-driven not game-driven. It's why I always respected Belichick's infamous 4th and 2 against Peyton all those years back even though it failed - but you basically had to have the cred Belichick built up to actually make that play call and not end up in the hot seat which is just crazy. Same with the Ravens last week against the Chiefs. Like to me, that's just the obvious call but it's treated like a ballsy playcall and it's like, "Why?"

Edit: Like the only place the prevent defense belongs is on a last play of the half type of deal. If there's time for the offense to complete a pass inbounds and either call timeout or spike it then it's the wrong defense. Period.

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