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TheRock1525 posted...
My problem with Engage's character design is everything is just a bit much. Celine being a prime example.

I loved the uniforms in 3H and the little differences between characters that show their personality. And most of the timeskip designs were great, save weird things like Felix's hair.

And I like Felix's hair. And Celine's poofy dress.

Speaking of Felix, I got an S rank Felix ring. Wish it did something cool like some of the other random S rank ones.

Timmera is my favorite of the new characters. She reminds me of Annette from three houses, who was one of my favorite characters from that game.

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and I have a closed list, so there is no way I can be the "5th female"

Wow this makes what happened 3 years ago with me and Semi look tame :P
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