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NHL Discussion Topic
davidponte17308/11 9:54pm
Dr Disrespect is apparently back and streaming on YouTube.
davidponte4508/10 10:59pm
NFL Discussion Topic: Opt-out Edition
davidponte307/28 9:19am
Ubisoft Forward starting right now
davidponte2707/14 3:36pm
Cam Newton to the Pats
davidponte4506/29 5:01pm
So my dad had to put down our dog last night
davidponte305/24 8:18am
Would a SSD fix my laptop being incredibly slow on startup?
davidponte405/22 10:20am
Mafia 1 (and possibly 2) Definitive Editions Announced
davidponte405/13 12:06pm
Mass Effect trilogy remastered rumoured to be in development.
davidponte6305/07 8:44pm
NFL Draft Discussion Topic
davidponte13605/04 12:51pm
PS Plus May Games
davidponte1304/29 4:15pm
NFL Offseason/Free Agency Discussion Topic - Forever Edition
davidponte14603/27 2:57pm
My PS4 refuses to connect to ANY internet after a power outage.
davidponte1103/12 1:05pm
Does anybody know if DLC bought on one PSN account can be used by another?
davidponte603/11 6:28pm
Kobe Bryant has reportedly died in a helicopter crash.
davidponte41702/04 5:48pm
Playstation 2019 Wrap-Ups Are Now Available
davidponte2901/18 4:26pm
NFL Discussion Topic - Wildcard Weekend
davidponte38001/12 4:33pm
January Playstation Plus
davidponte501/01 12:32pm
NFL Discussion Topic - Thanksgiving Edition
davidponte21012/08 4:09pm
NHL Discussion Topic
davidponte50012/05 11:35pm
Question/Thoughts about sending my joycon to Nintendo for repairs:
davidponte812/05 10:52pm
Do I tip my tattoo artist for a free touch up?
davidponte412/03 9:59am
NFL Discussion Topic - Week 11
davidponte17711/21 6:17pm
Hearthstone Discussion Topic 519 - The Rise of the Mech
davidponte50011/02 9:07pm
NFL Discussion Topic - Week 8
davidponte18410/30 7:21pm
NFL Discussion Topic - Week 7
davidponte20710/24 8:45am
NFL Discussion Topic - Week 5
davidponte17510/10 6:56pm
NFL Discussion Topic
davidponte46009/12 10:08pm
Bianca Andreescu is the best female tennis player in the world.
davidponte409/07 6:22pm
I need to vent about a relationship issue and cant talk to others [Blogfaqs]
davidponte17608/07 7:18pm
NHL Discussion Topic - Part 6 - Screw the Bruins
davidponte31808/02 9:30am
NBA Finals Discussion - Warriors in 7
davidponte49706/19 2:10pm
It feels great to not feel obligated to play and finish every game you play
davidponte2106/13 9:38pm
NHL Discussion Topic - Part 5 - Playoff Bizzaro World!
davidponte50006/09 1:30pm
Hearthstone Discussion Topic 493 - Rise of Shadows Is Upon Us
davidponte50005/22 2:00pm
Robert Pattinson Has Been Cast To Play The New Batman
davidponte305/16 9:42pm
Playstation State of Play Event is starting right now
davidponte505/09 7:32pm
2019 NFL Draft Discussion Topic
davidponte4604/27 6:15pm
NHL Discussion Topic - Part 4 - Playoffs!
davidponte50004/24 11:49pm
I can't get my right joy con to connect in wireless mode.
davidponte504/19 8:18pm
NHL Discussion Topic - Part 3
davidponte50004/07 1:14pm
NFL Free Agency Discussion Topic
davidponte7404/02 12:08am
Hearthstone Discussion Topic 351 - Everyone Gets a Nerf
davidponte50004/01 3:59pm
Antonio Brown to the Bills
davidponte19203/12 1:07am
NFL Discussion Topic - Superbowl Weekend
davidponte27402/09 10:15pm
Sony is sending out their 2018 wrap-up
davidponte4401/26 2:37am
NFL Discussion Topic - Conference Championship Round
davidponte35201/22 5:53pm
NFL Discussion Topic - Divisional Round
davidponte15701/14 1:05pm
NFL Discussion Topic - Wildcard Weekend
davidponte17301/07 12:12am
Hearthstone Discussion Topic 288 - Rastakhan is Rumbling
davidponte21912/31 2:44pm
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