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Age only really matters when your team lacks any young promising talent, and without doing too much research into either of those teams, that seems to be an issue. The Blackhawks have some promising young players in the pipeline, but the Kings are looking like they're going to be bad for awhile.

I'm hesitant to accept "Crosby + Malkin, Ovi + Backstrom are old, so age doesn't matter" when it's very clear that both of those teams are much more than those two players. I feel like it's also unfair to compare most players in that age range to Crosby and Ovechkin when it's clear they're still a step above. Who are the next best Kings players? 35 year old Kovalchuk? 34 year old Carter? That seems to fit the age narrative.

This was to be expected though. You can only make so many moves to get better in the short term before it catches up to you in the long term. I'd take that any day, though. Give me the last decade of either of those teams and I'll accept years of mediocrity afterwords.
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