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How is Trump's Approval rating still at 45%?
St_Kevin13102/15 9:41pm
What's everyone's favorite gamersystem
OniRonin902/15 9:36pm
Would You Live With This User No 58
Audweeb202/15 9:17pm
Its not a fart
DirtBasedSoap1202/15 9:05pm
Hey you non english/english devients, do this quiz.
Kimbos_Egg602/15 9:00pm
Do you like chocolate?
Cotton_Eye_Joe1102/15 8:53pm
So, thinking I'll start a feud with an old man on my street, ok?
ClarkDuke3802/15 8:50pm
ATTN: Need For Speed fans
lihlih602/15 8:42pm
Favorite V-day candy?
ungubby602/15 8:28pm
Stephen Bean topic Series 5, Episode 4: WELL YOUR ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODYYYYYY!
Kimbos_Egg4802/15 8:11pm
The first good RE game was 4.
GanonsSpirit2202/15 7:59pm
Mandela effect: Anyone here have an in-case Siphon Filter 2? (PS1)
Lokarin102/15 7:50pm
If I were a millionaire, my place would have a hot marinara dispenser.
Lokarin602/15 7:49pm
Trump supporting WV lawmaker would drown his kids if they came out as homosexual
Far-Queue802/15 7:44pm
my son really wants me to download crackdown 3
LaggnFragnLarry202/15 7:39pm
I miss being able to give girls hugs.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1402/15 7:27pm
Arizona Husband and Wife are now WIFE and WIFE!!!
Full Throttle1002/15 7:12pm
PotD Arrowverse Pic Dump/Discussion Topic #2
keyblader198513302/15 7:11pm
Anyone else have depression before it was cool?
Oops_All_Berrys1602/15 7:09pm
Another Day, Another Bird Dumps on my Hat...
pionear402/15 7:02pm
Trumps going to push all the illegals over the border and declare no backsies
Oops_All_Berrys402/15 6:50pm
Best Hershey's miniature
Bowdler802/15 6:43pm
My Homer is not a Communist
Ogurisama402/15 6:07pm
Erect Chin pills
DirtBasedSoap202/15 5:47pm
Do you wear SHOES in the HOUSE???
Full Throttle1402/15 5:28pm
Makin' another snus order
argonautweakend1202/15 5:27pm
What's the worst job in the Final Fantasy series?
Cotton_Eye_Joe2602/15 5:17pm
CAME 2019 (caps)
pipebomb_phil6402/15 5:11pm
Pick a number I guess 1-10
Mead2202/15 5:05pm
My God...they brought Flower to PC, instant buy
dioxxys502/15 4:43pm
Live-action Aladdin trailer looks like hot garbage
Far-Queue6902/15 4:37pm
Do you have a portable phone charger?
LinkPizza2702/15 4:19pm
i like everything about days gone, except...
Aculo1102/15 4:13pm
There are people who think the Vita was underpowered?
CaptainStrong2202/15 4:07pm
This is probably my favorite music video
-Komaiko54-102/15 2:43pm
Oh hey I've been sober for 10 months today
Jen01257202/15 2:31pm
Red Letter Media is one kf my least favorite youtube channels
PK_Spam1802/15 2:27pm
What happens if you don't review products on Amazon?
Beveren_Rabbit1602/15 2:20pm
Had a strange Alien Invasion Dream last night...
pionear702/15 2:07pm
Should I watch the fourth season of Gotham?
LeetCheet602/15 1:51pm
Lmao I got banned on tinder
SmokeMassTree3902/15 1:48pm
Let go
minervo202/15 12:56pm
President Trump is now officially OBESE despite being in 'GOOD HEALTH'!!!
Full Throttle2002/15 12:52pm
How come Mario is the worst* character in SMB2?
Chewster4202/15 12:46pm
Should saying "/pol is great" be moddable?
Solid Sonic602/15 12:33pm
I always tip the pizza guy even when they are always late
Beveren_Rabbit1202/15 12:27pm
Do you believe in Climate Change / Global Warming?
Lobomoon1002/15 11:35am
ITT - Video Game soundtracks!
Ogurisama102/15 11:31am
would you bang this tinder babe? (day 1)
LaggnFragnLarry2202/15 11:14am
i draw pokemon
Bulbasaur1302/15 11:13am
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