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This poll should be interesting...
InsaneGamer137304/26 12:53am
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXXV
keyblader198546704/26 12:51am
Those of you that work in customer service what percent of your customers
JebronLames1904/26 12:37am
White Supremacist who wanted KILL LIBERALS will NOT be charged with TERRORISM!!!
Full Throttle104/26 12:18am
Well, well, so flawless Flanders
Ogurisama304/25 11:53pm
If somebody would like to do me a favor next time youre in a liqour store
argonautweakend604/25 11:39pm
20 y/o Ohio Kid hailed a HERO for Viciously BEATING a 17 y/o PEDOPHILE is DEAD!
Full Throttle604/25 11:38pm
Is it good to be honest about what a piece of shit you are?
Solid Sonic904/25 11:25pm
Which of these candies should I get?
WastelandCowboy1304/25 11:14pm
Endgame topic *Spoilers
Mead504/25 10:52pm
about to watch endgame (spoilers)
LaggnFragnLarry1004/25 10:50pm
Would You Kiss This User No 176
DukeSR8404/25 10:19pm
What do I need to know about the Captain Marvel movie before watching endgame?
green dragon1304/25 10:17pm
There's a special place in hell for people who _________.
SilentSeph6304/25 9:47pm
Who do you want to win the Stanley cup of the final 8? (Playoff round 2 topic)
Ogurisama704/25 9:38pm
Would You Live With This User No 106
Audweeb304/25 9:36pm
PotD Arrowverse Pic Dump/Discussion Topic #2
keyblader198517504/25 8:12pm
do you trust wikipedia as a source of facts?
Zikten2404/25 8:02pm
WOOT! I just bought that new Spiderman game for $35.
SunWuKung4207704/25 7:52pm
Do you believe that you have a mental illness?
JebronLames12204/25 7:40pm
Cedar Point fans, which roller coaster is your favorite there?
JebronLames804/25 7:25pm
GTA 3 predicted Smartphones
TheWorstPoster204/25 7:24pm
18 y/o Girl had a HORRIBLE REACTION after eating a HAMBURGER!! Look at her!!!
mrduckbear104/25 7:13pm
Back in the day when i was a teenager
DirtBasedSoap204/25 7:13pm
30 y/o Trump Supporter threatens to EAT a TEACHER'S FACE because she's LIBERAL!
mrduckbear404/25 6:54pm
would you watch an all female reboot of 50 shades of grey
knightoffire552404/25 6:46pm
A mild annoyance I've been having as of late
DiduXD704/25 6:46pm
Favorite Pseudo Legendary line?
Ogurisama2804/25 6:18pm
What is the "holy grail" of something you collect.
argonautweakend1304/25 6:09pm
So it rained a bunch and then this plant started to grow in my back yard
MICHALECOLE5104/25 6:06pm
Describe your dream last night
OhhhJa1104/25 6:01pm
So what's 'non-Alt-Right'?
Unbridled93304/25 5:19pm
Beware the internet if you want to avoid endgame spoilers.
wolfy421304/25 4:55pm
NFL Draft
CTLM104/25 4:50pm
ANYONe here familiar with fandango tickets?
-Komaiko54-2204/25 4:16pm
Goku probably has another super saiyan form
NeoSioType204/25 4:04pm
Remember Chozen, that Archer-ish show with the gay rapper?
PK_Spam1304/25 3:43pm
How many movies will it be before Darth Vader is brought back to life?
TigerTycoon2304/25 3:37pm
forgot that mortal kombat 11 came out today
LaggnFragnLarry1704/25 3:23pm
Persona 5 Royal
MechaKirby1304/25 2:56pm
Easter Bunny comes to Black Female rescue after being in Fight with White Guy...
pionear504/25 2:25pm
64 slices of american cheese mmmmmm
NightMareBunny504/25 2:23pm
What should I have for lunch?
Krow_Incarnate1304/25 1:30pm
Rate last nights sleep 1-10
Ogurisama1804/25 1:06pm
Bruce Campbell set to host 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' reboot
Far-Queue404/25 12:52pm
Do you think you have to work too hard in this day and age to find quality news?
Solid Sonic1204/25 12:34pm
Who is the best Spiderman?
Ogurisama4904/25 12:10pm
Why the heck do I still so vividly remember that tune Homer was humming..
keyblader1985204/25 11:51am
Ma'am, would you be interested in changing your long distance service?
Ogurisama104/25 11:39am
Hello, Mr. Burns?
Ogurisama1004/25 11:20am
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