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These are my ten favorite stand up comedians. Which of my favorites is yours?
MICHALECOLE5912/09 3:56am
James Gunn made a movie about an evil Superman ripoff
Zikten1812/09 3:38am
Would You Rather No 113
DiduXD412/09 3:13am
McDonald's, breakfast lunch or dinner, is good af and dont let the haters fool u
Philoktetes4912/09 3:07am
Stephen Bean topic Series 5, Episode 3:OOH YOU DIDN'T KNOOOW?
Kimbos_Egg30112/09 3:02am
Would You Live With This User No 10
Audweeb412/09 2:47am
Would You Live With This User No 13
Audweeb612/09 2:39am
C.A.M.E.: The Official Reboot
GanonsSpirit4612/09 2:32am
I hate when people complain about "PC" stuff like it's a new thing
Chewster3912/09 2:20am
Ugh. Ive finally got a phone thats too big for my hands
FatalAccident612/09 2:17am
Guys, I bought an apartment!
FatalAccident3312/09 2:04am
I know I use this a lot, but is this the best gif of all time??
Muffinz0rz41012/09 2:01am
PS3 has no games
PaddysPub512/09 1:56am
I don't understand why people didn't like The Last Jedi.
Cotton_Eye_Joe11012/09 12:36am
My in laws gave me a brownie for xmas
Mead412/09 12:08am
Is disciplinary spanking of children "abuse"??? (In your OWN OPINION)
shipwreckers8012/08 11:40pm
Anyone here have good knowledge of Smartphone screens?
xjayguyx512/08 11:34pm
*sees rye chips on sale Buy One, Get One Free*
keyblader1985212/08 11:19pm
sometimes in retail you have to explain to a grown adult what sales tax is
argonautweakend1812/08 11:18pm
Anyone playing Danger Zone?
Lokarin812/08 11:04pm
RE3 News
zebatov6412/08 10:47pm
The Sorceress is the hottest character in the He-Man universe.
GanonsSpirit1912/08 10:47pm
Pokemon go official topic #4
MICHALCOLE12212/08 10:45pm
A Nightmare in December
Mover_of_Zigs112/08 10:43pm
$15,000/a week for one Year or $10,000/month for Life...
pionear2812/08 10:38pm
I think my phone is getting into the holiday spirit.
keyblader1985712/08 10:28pm
Anyone wanna go down with me?
Lokarin812/08 10:17pm
Forum Ads
zebatov112/08 10:12pm
Never Stop Dancing :)
minervo112/08 8:14pm
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXXlV
dioxxys44612/08 8:12pm
ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with
knightoffire552212/08 8:10pm
Computer nerds I need you
SmokeMassTree812/08 8:00pm
Personal game of the year goes to Super Metroid/Link to the Past Randomizer
Lokarin1112/08 7:42pm
Damm son, upgraded to the xs max or whatever
SmokeMassTree2012/08 6:50pm
Army Navy game 2018
-Komaiko54-812/08 6:49pm
Pfft. id destroy all you smash noobs. Come at me.
Kimbos_Egg1512/08 6:32pm
Am I the only who thought the first Final Fantasy was actually pretty easy?
Cotton_Eye_Joe1112/08 6:19pm
Overwatch Ranting Topic (Also, Winter event incoming)
GanonsSpirit412/08 6:14pm
Spacer's Choice.
WastelandCowboy112/08 6:05pm
Attacks of the Clones has a higher average score on RT than Solo
Cotton_Eye_Joe312/08 5:34pm
What are some good racing games for the modern consoles?
darkknight1091112/08 4:50pm
Santa knows that you've been shitposting.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1012/08 4:50pm
Soulja Boy made a game console
Lokarin412/08 4:04pm
How would you rate the first three Toy Story movies?
EclairReturns1712/08 3:59pm
Small Town Missouri Newspaper called URANUS EXAMINER has SHUT DOWN!!!
Full Throttle412/08 3:15pm
Whopper from Burger King is 1 cent but only if you order it from Mcdonald's.
Ferarri6193512/08 3:06pm
Do you think the women being interviewed here are cute?
OmegaM1012/08 3:04pm
Ok. I'm back baby!
SunWuKung4203012/08 2:20pm
Anyone do reddit secret Santa?
Jen0125412/08 1:54pm
Santa only delivers good children what they want. Naughty children gets coal.
TheWorstPoster1012/08 1:10pm
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