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lihlih posted...
It kind of looks like Knight of the Realm. Does it play anything like it?(man, I gotta get 2 again, 2 was so fucking good)

naw, combat is a lesser focus to dynasty building, intrigue, political intimidation, and being betrayed by distant cousins because you fucked up your inheritance laws

it's like dwarf fortress in that its sheer open ended-ness leads to good stories

Kimbos_Egg posted...
yeah too bad that game is confusing as fuck to play

you bet your sweet ass it is

i have hundreds of hours in this game and i still only vaguely know what i'm doing (which is generally spreading zoroastrianism throughout the world and NTRing my grandchildren)

sometimes i just go into observe mode, make the sultan of the abbasids jewish, zealous, and immortal, and see how long he lasts
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being a VN elitist is fun

not so much a jerk tho

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