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Ozmose posted...
How does nobody see that it's never going to end, because the people in power don't want it to. Just look at France. They have a roughly 90% vaccination rate. So what's the obvious next step? Why more restrictions of course! People need to stop and reflect on the kind of world they're creating. Everyone is rushing to an Orwellian dystopia with open arms. It reminds me of the same group hysteria everyone whipped themselves into after 9/11. Oh no! Keep me safe! There's terrorists around every corner!
First off, France's fully vaxxed rate is 75% - still very good, but not 90% - only 2 countries can boast that (UAE and Portugal).

2ndly, your premise "more restrictions = good for the government" instantly falls apart when you realize this is a *net drain* for France, as they have to dumb more resources and personnel into the issue, and restrictions on work times and hours decreases their tax revenue, making the government weaker, not stronger. You'd have a point if they were using Covid as an excuse to, say, install cameras inside everyone's home, but since nothing at all like that is occurring, the Orwellian claim is pointless fearmongering.

It's why Libertarians are the one group worse than Republicans as thinking *any* government actions is inherently evil is a crock.

Ozmose posted...
Based on all of human history. It's a pretty solid trend. When you yield power to a government they almost never relinquish it. If you want an example. Just look at the fact they're still renewing the Patriot Act and the MDAA 20 years after 9/11.
And yet the same government set up a system of turn limits, limited the way they can increase their own pay, and set up a voluntary transfer of power. Thus, the conclusion that all government must end in Authoritarianism is false.

Not that this doesn't mean there are plenty of areas of abuse, of course. But finding, rolling back, and preventing such actions is actual meaningful. Handwaving it is lazy and useless.

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