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Waifu Battle 2017 Final Match: Haruhi vs D.Va
GanonsSpirit3604.04.2017 6:23pm0 + 0
Would you rather have been raised in a sheltered utopia, or a gritty ghetto?
minervo2004.04.2017 6:15pm0 + 0
I might have found a way to beat dave and busters
Philoktetes504.04.2017 6:10pm0 + 0
Which poll answer do you think will be the most popular today?
Muffinz0rz804.04.2017 6:07pm0 + 0
Fair warning, this is a very offensive topic
Mead2304.04.2017 5:58pm0 + 0
Why do the Koroks just stay there after finding them?
WhatPoll1004.04.2017 5:58pm0 + 0
Is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the greatest novel of all time?
Kreuk1804.04.2017 5:57pm0 + 0
Signed docs for my student loan consolidation today eeee
Jen01251004.04.2017 5:06pm0 + 0
Question for those with anxiety.
Jah Reborn2604.04.2017 5:02pm0 + 0
I emailed my resume and they responded by asking where I worked at
Erik_P1204.04.2017 4:49pm0 + 0
Anyone here got the new Humble PSN Bundle?
DeltaBladeX404.04.2017 4:24pm0 + 0
Why is everyone a social justice warrior?
BillySastard304.04.2017 4:16pm0 + 0
Sauna, Steam Room, or Jacuzzi after a workout?
Muffinz0rz504.04.2017 4:04pm0 + 0
Just got through the opening of mass effect andromeda
MICHALECOLE1704.04.2017 3:59pm0 + 0
What happened to fluttershy
MrMelodramatic1604.04.2017 3:59pm0 + 0
What happened to PO?
Erik_P1104.04.2017 3:54pm0 + 0
Larry Frag saves the world.
knightoffire55504.04.2017 3:08pm0 + 0
Greatest Game Ever II - Finals Rd 2-15: Ogre Battle 64 vs. Deus Ex
quigonzel404.04.2017 2:52pm0 + 0
Should I go work in North Dakota
DorkLink1504.04.2017 2:42pm0 + 0
Man this board is dead as fuck.
JazzMasterZero1004.04.2017 2:42pm0 + 0
that girl who won jeopardy last night looked secretly crazy
argonautweakend304.04.2017 2:38pm0 + 0
Three teen burglars shot and killed by homeowner's son.
WastelandCowboy16104.04.2017 1:56pm0 + 0
Trump is the best president America ever had
Kreuk804.04.2017 1:07pm0 + 0
so the captain of my cruise ship told us what they do with peoples leftover food
argonautweakend2904.04.2017 12:32pm0 + 0
People are actually willingly doing this...?
RedPixel304.04.2017 12:21pm0 + 0
Would you step on a puppy for 1 million dollars?
TheOrangeMisfit5404.04.2017 11:54am0 + 0
Really considering joining air force/marines and curious
mastermix30001004.04.2017 11:53am0 + 0
Have you ever had sex with someone with cancer?
Renraku_San504.04.2017 11:39am0 + 0
Would the flat earth theory be a badass tv/movie series?
yutterh1704.04.2017 10:13am0 + 0
12 Classic Games (FFVII, Donkey Kong, SF II) up for Video Game Hall of Fame...
pionear3704.04.2017 10:11am0 + 0
Have you ever lost someone to cancer?
usui881904.04.2017 9:56am0 + 0
Does being a "job hopper" really look bad on a job resume or...
Juggernaut4801904.04.2017 9:49am0 + 0
my grandma made a boneheaded move this vacation
argonautweakend304.04.2017 9:39am0 + 0
i call out of work too often
IAmNowGone1404.04.2017 8:45am0 + 0
mass effect andromeda has issues, but
helIy1904.04.2017 8:19am0 + 0
Most hated of these bottom 10 Simpsons Episodes
Ogurisama704.04.2017 8:17am0 + 0
(POLL) Would you say website www.gamefaqs.com's heart is in ''the right place?''
McSame_as_Bush204.04.2017 7:52am0 + 0
Huh, you can ask Facebook to data dump your info
shadowsword87604.04.2017 5:17am0 + 0
Have you ever bumped uglies with two or more people at once?
PK_Spam2104.04.2017 3:00am0 + 0
just reinstalled tinder for about 20 hours before I was like
acesxhigh604.04.2017 2:45am0 + 0
do they allow dogs at dave and busters? i dont want to leave my pal in the cold
Philoktetes504.04.2017 2:16am0 + 0
Do you ever just post for the sake of posting
DorkLink1504.04.2017 1:14am0 + 0
Who is the Lord of Atheists?
Kreuk3004.04.2017 12:41am0 + 0
Are you getting Persona 5 next week?
MechaKirby2604.04.2017 12:31am0 + 0
Your go to drink with alcohol?
IronBornCorps3404.04.2017 12:25am0 + 0
so where did all the rupees in Zelda games come from?
helIy604.04.2017 12:20am0 + 0
If we can get a modern Power Ranger and Captain Underpants movie
Snuggletoof1304.04.2017 12:20am0 + 0
Do you think the Gamefaqs ToU is apart of the Liberal Agenda?
St_Kevin1704.04.2017 12:11am0 + 0
Double King
Claude_Frollo404.03.2017 11:56pm0 + 0
Share your favorite Steam game with PotD!
RedPixel1004.03.2017 11:48pm0 + 0
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