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Is it possible to die of an emotion?

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wolfy42 posted...
My belief (not just mine, but I came by it organically), is that we all live each others lives. We are all part of one conciousness that split itself up initially, seperating the memories from each life, so they could be lived fresh, and to fight eternal boredom.

So you don't ever die, you just move on to another perspective. In addition, all the actions you do towards others around you, you will eventually live through.

This is actually in most religions if you look for it.
This outlook is common in folk religions, sure, but not in any of the Abrahamic ones. I used to think like this, its very human to do so.

But I do believe in heaven, purgatory and hell. Spirits who go to heaven can traverse all realms, spirits in purgatory are lost (many appear on earth as ghosts) and spirits in hell are trapped in tormenting pain. This is all for human spirits. Thats what I believe anyway.

"how hard is it for people to understand that not everything you read will be something you agree with?" - Awesome

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