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Today is my birthday, guess my age
ungubby901/20 6:48am
Racist White Kid at MCDONALDS is FIRED after THREATENING a Customer!!!
Full Throttle1301/20 6:37am
Govt shutdown affecting tax returns/refunds?
Firewood18601/20 6:28am
If I were looking to expand my skillset for a career by learning programming...
EclairReturns301/20 6:21am
The almighty immortal filth topic - Part **** if I know, these have run for ages
DeltaBladeX10901/20 6:21am
Have you ever been called a wallflower?
minervo401/20 6:10am
Justice Department alleges Trump knowingly directed Cohen to commit felonies
Doctor Foxx23101/20 5:49am
This heart belongs once again to darkness
Cotton_Eye_Joe301/20 5:30am
More Surprising News from Canada
zebatov9801/20 5:17am
Are you annoyed when people type LOL or LMAO but they AREN'T actually laughing?
mrduckbear1801/20 5:00am
I just listened to Stairway to Heaven for the first time
Firewood181201/20 4:57am
Started learning C++. This is fun!
pipebomb_phil801/20 4:53am
whats the general consensus of white knighting cucks?
Retroxgamer01601/20 4:40am
Playing Vesperia for the first time (Spoilers overtime)
Nichtcrawler X7401/20 4:12am
Why aren't you married?
Cotton_Eye_Joe3701/20 4:01am
Pokemon go official topic #4
MICHALCOLE31301/20 3:52am
White Cop who SHOT a Black Kid 17 Times said he PRAYED for his SOUL DAILY!!!
Full Throttle1001/20 3:06am
Let's play "rate the above song"
minervo49301/20 3:06am
Youtube flips off Charles Darwin
streamofthesky3601/20 2:50am
Large group of kids with MAGA hats made a mockery out of a Native American vet.
WastelandCowboy2901/20 2:34am
punisher season 2 tomorrow
Mead701/20 1:53am
I watched the PG-13 version of deadpool 2
Mead801/20 1:45am
18 y/o Female MARINE in Indiana is KILLED after a FLYING TIRE hit her FACE!!!
mrduckbear1401/20 1:09am
What do you prioritize for games
Ice_Dragon144001/20 1:01am
When you watch wants to receive a radio signal to update the time...
argonautweakend401/20 12:57am
Sports Discussion Topic #191: Big Nick's Flaccid Pick
Zeeky_Bomb11301/20 12:31am
Physical movie discs vs. digital.
WastelandCowboy901/20 12:26am
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXXV
keyblader198511101/19 11:54pm
What do you know about Portugal?
tiago926401/19 11:33pm
Stan By Geek
The Wave Master29201/19 11:30pm
Just listened to Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time.
Chr0noid2801/19 11:17pm
Do you like mayonnaise?
edededdy17101/19 11:04pm
Just saw Dragon Ball Super: Broly
SilentSeph301/19 11:00pm
Springfield, Springfield
Ogurisama1701/19 10:56pm
PotD Arrowverse Pic Dump/Discussion Topic #2
keyblader198512001/19 10:10pm
Who/what is Star Fox?
Chewster3001/19 10:04pm
I'm really happy Matilda still holds up
PK_Spam1101/19 9:57pm
I figure that I'm 1/4 racist
Firewood183301/19 9:18pm
Do you enjoy existing?
Mover_of_Zigs2501/19 9:16pm
I work only nineteen hours a week, and am taking nine credits this semester.
EclairReturns2101/19 9:09pm
What a horrible night to have a curse
TheWorstPoster601/19 8:34pm
Favorite flash games?
darcandkharg31901/19 8:27pm
What's your normal daily routine?
wwinterj251801/19 8:00pm
Man injects semen into his arm to treat back pain; is hospitalized
Far-Queue4001/19 7:53pm
how is assassin's creed greece?
Aculo2301/19 7:48pm
Why is Squirtle the best starter ever?
Ogurisama4501/19 7:36pm
18 y/o Trans Girl hosts a FAREWELL to her PENIS Party!! Is She Hot???
mrduckbear1901/19 7:29pm
Would You Live With This User No 41
Audweeb801/19 6:43pm
I got drunk again
JoanOfArcade1001/19 6:34pm
Hypothetical: Trump gets his $5 billion that he wants for the border wall.
WastelandCowboy3901/19 6:21pm
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