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05/03/21 8:28:01 AM

Are you happy with your ISP provider? If you can, name your ISP provider.

I currently have AT&T fiber and I have mixed feelings about that. AT&T doesn't allow you to use your own modem/router so they force you whether you want it or not to rent their equipment.

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05/03/21 8:38:09 AM

I have Spectrum. I have to use their modem, but I use my own wifi router. It's always on and reliable, and it's more speed than I really need. Maybe it could be a little cheaper for the speed you get, but other than that I'm satisfied. Before Spectrum I was using the world's worst wireless internet. It was like night and day when I finally got a wired connection.

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05/03/21 8:41:03 AM

I would complain about the redundant P in "provider provider", but since there are ?aftermarket? providers that ride on existing providers (such as xfinity)... you literally can have an Internet Service Provider Provider

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05/03/21 8:47:08 AM

I'm indifferent

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05/03/21 8:47:54 AM

BUMPED2002 posted...
AT&T doesn't allow you to use your own modem/router
That's some grade A bull, I live in a Canadian Swamp and I get better internet access then you all do. The fibre lines they have been threading under the frost line the past year are about to come online sometime next month too.

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05/03/21 8:55:22 AM

Im in a rural area in the U.S. Our internet service has been terrible since the internet started. Our current provider is the fastest weve had, but still not as good as cities can get. This is getting fucking old.

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05/03/21 9:17:15 AM

Comcast/Xfinity is providing me with 1,200mbps. Thats 1.2Gigs. My large Warzone updates and patches download in amazing time. 10 times earlier than my friends. I never lag in game.

I signed up for auto pay and they gave me $10 off my Bill EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

I could go on and on about their TV, home security system, and cell phone service but it would take up numerous posts. Overall they save me hundreds a year, and provide the best service any gamer in the U.S. could ask for.

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05/03/21 9:54:15 AM

Overall very happy. Far better than i expected being rural for speed, cost, and it rarely goes down. The only negative is that they are slow to fix it when it finally does go down.

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Nichtcrawler X
05/03/21 10:23:02 AM

Provider is handled by the housing company, but it is a good one and the same one my parents had and separately still have, Ziggo. Here in the Netherlands, the bigger ones became the bigger ones because they offered 3-in-1 packages (TV, Telephone, Internet).

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05/03/21 10:47:16 AM

Amusingly, the repetition of "provider" here provides more reason to be content than Xfinity. There isn't just their usual reputation in general, but also how Comcast seems to single out FFXIV every few months and screw over everyone that plays it. Often a couple weeks before a major patch comes out, but not right after; and never mind how FFXIV takes less bandwidth than a lot of other online games out there. <_<

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05/03/21 11:06:40 AM

I don't think anyone provides me with an internet service provider

I have an internet service provider who provides me with internet, though

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05/03/21 1:11:59 PM

Yes, though my Internet does disconnect or slow sometimes.

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05/03/21 1:17:58 PM

Eastlink is alright, but when the current contract is up at the end of my first year in this place, the monthly fee will be nearly twice what I'm paying now, an increase which the person setting us up conveniently failed to mention when he told us what the price would be for this package (he also tried to tell us 300 mbps was the minimum we should be looking for when we were quite happily using 50 at the time). Because of that, I'm going to be shopping around for alternatives (probably one of the smaller companies that uses the existing infrastructure, since the larger telecoms are generally terrible) and making the switch as soon as I'll no longer face a cancellation fee to do so. If I can't find one, I'll be downgrading from my current 150 to 100 (the lowest they offer), because there's no way I'm paying what they want for 150.

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05/03/21 1:51:06 PM

Internet service provider provider
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05/03/21 8:01:51 PM

Xfinity iirc, i'm indifferent, but i'm also not paying for it.

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05/03/21 8:14:36 PM

lihlih posted...
Internet service provider provider
Thanks for the PSA announcement

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05/03/21 8:37:36 PM

I have Spectrum, I actually get around the 200 Mbps advertised so I'm happy with it. I did replace the router with my own, and that greatly improved speeds and consistency.
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05/04/21 1:01:49 AM

I use Viking Broadband, pay for 64Mb and usually get 1-15Mb.

Will be jumping aboard Starlink once it's available in our area.

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05/04/21 1:05:12 AM

Got xfinity, their internet is decent but their cable fucking sucks. How are you gonna let live sports just glitch out and freeze/go black screen

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05/04/21 3:18:55 AM

That is intentional and I wont answer.
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05/04/21 4:08:09 AM

i get 2MB on a good day, i dont wanna hear shit from anyone with fiber.... ever price a fiber modem? i doubt the savings is that great and you cant call up and demand a new one anymore. we all know shit happens, let it be theirs. You prolly use more bandwidth in a day than my modem sees in a month...

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