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Hades - Switch or PC?

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Master_Magnus posted...
The Wii games on Wii U eshop technically weren't ports, they are just digital downloads.

They meant the games were no longer Wii exclusives, by the logic you're using here.

Master_Magnus posted...
I am bothered because I will NEVER be able to play this content because they will NEVER sell it to me at a reasonable price because they are locking it behind a port.

There's a very substantial difference between "I can't play this" and "I won't play this because it costs more than I'm willing to pay." The former is somebody else's fault, the latter is entirely a self-created problem. Regardless, being this bothered by it is ridiculous. It's mildly annoying at worst, not the deeply insulting slap in the face you seem to think it is.

Master_Magnus posted...
And no, this isn't bonus content, it's an entire game (albeit a really short one)

In the vast majority of cases, it is just bonus content. Bowser's Fury is actually looking to be a bit more substantial, such that it may yet see a standalone release (much like NSLU or the Xenoblade 2 Torna campaign did), but every other example is pretty trivial stuff. As I said, it's generally enough to make the remake the preferred version of the game, but very much not enough to act like you're playing a defective product for not having it.

Master_Magnus posted...
And if I miss out on any content I want from any game because the devs are locking it behind a port, that retroactively ruins any enjoyment I ever had. I only enjoy playing a game if I don't regret buying it ever.

Again, that's roughly akin to a spoiled toddler throwing a tantrum because he realizes another kid is playing with a toy he doesn't have. You're going to have a really rough time being a gamer moving forward if enhanced rereleases make you regret buying games you were perfectly happy to play at the time. I encourage you to get over yourself to avoid that.

Master_Magnus posted...
If they can't sell me the new content at a reasonable price they should not be adding content to these ports and make new games instead.

Suggesting that they should just "make new games instead" completely misunderstands how much work goes into new games compared to ports. The two are not remotely comparable, let alone equivalent. So yes, you'd rather the games not be ported at all, meaning nobody gets the new content and millions of Switch owners that skipped the WiiU never get to experience the games you enjoyed, all because you don't want to feel like you're missing out on an extra character.

Get over yourself.

Master_Magnus posted...
Those were only a handful of games.

I mean, I could keep going pretty easily. It's just not particularly worthwhile to go digging for release dates like that.

Master_Magnus posted...
Saturn and Dreamcast sold less than Wii U

And, subsequently, most of their notable games have been ported many times since then, including ports within their respective generations (mostly in the case of Dreamcast, which saw flagship titles like Sonic Adventure 1/2 ported to GC). Has that stopped the systems from being remembered for their exclusives? Not remotely, because that's not how people work.

Master_Magnus posted...
And I do care if Wii U is remembered as a s*** console because that makes Nintendo a s*** console maker no better than Atari.

One commercial failure and Nintendo's just as bad as Atari? Overdramatic much? Have you forgotten that Nintendo also made the Virtual Boy, which failed a whole lot harder than the WiiU (~95% fewer units sold) and hasn't even been able to maintain a legacy of having great games because its games weren't able to be played by anyone other than the handful of people that bought one? Nobody cares. Failed consoles happen, people move on. You should too.

Master_Magnus posted...
Sega went out of the console biz for far less.

Sega went out of the console business not because of one bad console (or even any truly bad consoles), but because of a long series of bad business decisions that meant their console business was unsustainable and they would have gone bankrupt if they tried to keep it going. Nintendo's not going to go bankrupt any time soon, and certainly won't over one bad console (especially not if they can port that console's games to their newest system to recover the money they didn't make due to the WiiU's poor sales, which they can despite how personally insulted you seem to be by it).

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