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Backlog voting - February edition

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Accrovideogames posted...
When will people realize that voting for the lesser evil is only helping the rigged system stay in place?

The alternatives are to vote for the greater evil or not vote at all (which increases the chance that the greater evil wins). Unless there is actually a viable candidate that's including voting reform in their platform (and even that's not a guarantee, just ask Canada), the election is not an opportunity to push for voting reform. The election is an opportunity to work within the system you have to get the best outcome that system allows. Treating it otherwise will never accomplish anything more than helping the party that most benefits from lower voter turnout.

OhhhJa posted...
Easy to become apathetic about politics/voting when you vote and vote and either nothing changes or it just gets worse

It is easy to become apathetic, but that just justifies giving up and disengaging. Actively deriding people who are still motivated enough to care and try isn't apathy, it's a thinly-veiled effort yo defend the status quo.

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