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[smfsmc] Save My Favorite Sid Meier's Civilization [Day 1] [24/7]
X_Dante_X1612/21 11:54pm
fuck you gatarix
X_Dante_X811/11 11:03am
i miss you conrad
X_Dante_X707/27 9:55am
this is the topic
X_Dante_X50001/28 2:10pm
~*~ Official GameFAQs GotY Poll Discussion Topic ~*~
X_Dante_X17101/11 4:30pm
meisnewbie what is turbulence
X_Dante_X1412/23 8:48am
**Save my Anime and Visual Novel Character** - Day 39 - VOTE TO KILL ROUND (3)
X_Dante_X48506/14 4:15pm
**Save my Anime and Visual Novel Character** - Day 39 - VOTE TO KILL ROUND (2)
X_Dante_X49406/14 3:55pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 190: The Era of Sheamus
X_Dante_X49905/21 12:56am
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 191: All Hail Sheamus
X_Dante_X1805/20 5:00pm
**Save My Anime and Visual Novel Character** - Day 7
X_Dante_X12405/11 2:30am
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 188: Random Sheamus Topic
X_Dante_X50005/06 1:50pm
rad link 5 is a monster
X_Dante_X805/01 12:00pm
**Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Character XIV** Banwagon Discussion [smfffc]
X_Dante_X50004/26 9:26am
Thanks very much to Sir Chris, this is my 3DS get topic [Friend Code][Post Them]
X_Dante_X2804/16 1:26pm
the users draw heroicgammaray
X_Dante_X2304/10 8:48pm
Sir Chris is the best (#swagtopic)
X_Dante_X2204/04 6:09pm
Vote for Dante in user of the year
X_Dante_X403/31 9:05pm
"I still don't understand this video" [let it be] [carlton]
X_Dante_X1303/02 7:12pm
This car alarm outside my window has gone off over ten times in the past hour
X_Dante_X1202/24 1:49pm
X_Dante_X2702/22 9:11am
This just in: Boko is not a brony
X_Dante_X2402/12 2:33pm
I'm pretty sure red could 1v5 any team in LoL if they took his blue
X_Dante_X2902/09 6:59pm
guys theres a 2 post a minute limit, stop making topics so fast
X_Dante_X302/07 9:47pm
attn: kaonashi
X_Dante_X302/02 7:18pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 168: Read the words that are Written in my Face
X_Dante_X50002/01 11:19am
this just in: meisnewbie is pro cancer
X_Dante_X401/31 10:05pm
Mandatory topic
X_Dante_X1601/29 11:59pm
I was just betrayed horribly by my apartment complexes vending machine
X_Dante_X4201/21 8:16am
RAP BATTLE VGM: To End The Feud FINAL - Ed Bellis vs The Mana Sword
X_Dante_X201/20 6:38pm
...why were there seagulls here in Tennessee
X_Dante_X701/14 10:11am
Attn: IglooBob
X_Dante_X601/13 6:59pm
I haven't made a topic in awhile
X_Dante_X901/13 12:35pm
this just in: boko sleeps with leopard print pillows
X_Dante_X1201/05 5:44am
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 160: Returning people? Who cares, it isn't Sheamus
X_Dante_X812/31 10:31am
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 159: In Which We All Vote For Sheamus
X_Dante_X49712/31 1:18am
So, I downloaded Rise of the Immortals to see if it was really -that- bad
X_Dante_X212/23 10:05pm
attn: ffd
X_Dante_X1512/17 11:44pm
Just received notice that I passed the FE Exam (Not Fire Emblem)
X_Dante_X1512/15 1:47pm
North Pole Mafia Signups [3? Years Late Edition]
X_Dante_X13512/15 12:30am
Is anyone else taking the FE exam next Saturday?
X_Dante_X3410/21 6:42pm
~FIGHT!~ KOS-MOS/Axl/Old Snake/Ridley vs. Kefka/Ryu/Revan/Big Boss/Liquid/Joanna
X_Dante_X11610/11 4:52pm
~FIGHT!~ Lara/Vivi/Wesker/Aya/Wild Dog/Wild Fang/Ethan vs. Bob/Alucard/Sora/Zack
X_Dante_X3810/02 6:14pm
~FIGHT!~ Horrigan/Shadowlord/Garner/Neku/Shang vs Nero/Chief/Samus/Fou-Lu/Prince
X_Dante_X1410/01 7:19pm
~FIGHT!~ Sephiroth, Seymour, and Golbez vs. Cielo, Athos, and Agahnim
X_Dante_X5010/01 7:18pm
did I miss anything interesting in the past few days
X_Dante_X3609/27 12:55am
why am I tempted to nominate the Skier/Yeti from skifree
X_Dante_X2409/26 2:26am
~FIGHT!~ Red XIII/Neku/Shang/XIII/Horrigan vs Lara/Vivi/Wild Dog
X_Dante_X1309/22 6:16pm
~FIGHT!~ Jake/Duke/Nero/Samus/Fou-lu vs Isa/Selvaria/Terry/Bill/Orochi
X_Dante_X6109/22 5:52pm
Hey Harrich and Minipoooot, are either of you guys going to SWAGFEST?
X_Dante_X1209/12 11:41pm
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