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Pro-tip: The president's not responsible for your own ineptitude/shortcomings.
Bok_Choi109/23 11:17am
Horny but still employed (night shift topic)
Bok_Choi3909/21 4:51pm
I've angered the poop gods. Keep me in ur prayers CE
Bok_Choi209/21 4:44pm
PSA: if you happen to administer narcan to an ODing person, leave right after.
Bok_Choi7609/21 3:04pm
Why do you think humans developed a hero worship and death mourning process?
Bok_Choi109/21 11:45am
whats cat up to (discord connection problems guys)
Bok_Choi1009/21 11:43am
Official bok choi hate clun topic v22: The Miracle and The Sleeper
Bok_Choi1309/21 6:28am
If you gathered every single paperclip and staple that's been used in the world
Bok_Choi509/21 6:21am
I was feeling really awful after eating for a while, so I lowered my portions
Bok_Choi2909/21 5:57am
How does white supremacy reconcile itself with Zionism
Bok_Choi1609/21 5:17am
when she let u beat and it sound like macaroni
Bok_Choi909/21 4:17am
C/D: Women/presenting females should be obligated to shave their legs.
Bok_Choi7309/20 7:46pm
What's it like being a minority?
Bok_Choi14809/20 6:13pm
itt we form a brockhampton-esque CE rap supergroup 4 lines at a time
Bok_Choi109/20 5:22pm
Nerds still don't understand fashion says more about you than just aesthetics.
Bok_Choi7509/20 5:06pm
Forget Zelda, forget Saria, forget Malon, forget Urbosa, forget all of them
Bok_Choi2209/20 3:54pm
Really don't know what I'm getting out of it but I keep doing it CE
Bok_Choi209/20 3:07pm
is channing tatum dead
Bok_Choi409/19 7:43pm
sony always wins baby. sony always wins, you can't beat sony
Bok_Choi509/19 7:39pm
Which anime characters are the Warner Bros & Dot stronger than
Bok_Choi109/19 7:30pm
Do you unironically wish America went back to the 1940s again?
Bok_Choi2109/19 7:56am
Is backwards compatibility on PC now harder than it is on console
Bok_Choi309/19 7:10am
I feel bad for all the people whose shit cook parents made them picky eaters
Bok_Choi909/19 6:43am
damn i really need a haircut my hair is too long
Bok_Choi109/19 5:55am
ITT: Post pornstars you would have sex with 100%
Bok_Choi5509/19 12:16am
"Why does CE hate me? Better double down on my behavior."
Bok_Choi12409/18 8:49pm
idk why im so angry
Bok_Choi11409/18 4:41pm
Are you resisting acquisition of your information, or are you leaning into it?
Bok_Choi909/18 3:41pm
Reminder: Someone you interact with today is going to talk about you to someone.
Bok_Choi1309/18 1:28pm
I remember liking this one particular brand of smoked oysters as a kid
Bok_Choi809/18 3:40am
Amazing how tagging users puts their posts in a whole new light, thereafter.
Bok_Choi409/18 3:03am
Gamers should get together and boycott the small-DLC + microtransaction model
Bok_Choi209/18 2:45am
Why don't people like you IRL
Bok_Choi1909/18 1:27am
I'm awful.
Bok_Choi809/17 7:51am
I once told the cheer squad captain she was the fattest skinniest girl I've seen
Bok_Choi309/17 7:43am
TFW you're crushing on a CEgal but she will never ever notice you because you're
Bok_Choi8409/17 4:45am
First they'll come for our GUNS! Then they'll come for our SPEECH! That's why I
Bok_Choi609/16 11:28pm
Does anyone else find it unfortunate that the best Street Fighter girl [SPOILER]
Bok_Choi609/16 10:33pm
Jeb is a mess. Jeb Bush is the weakest person on the stage by far.
Bok_Choi1909/16 10:18pm
I really want to LOVE again but that part of my heart is still too damaged eheu
Bok_Choi309/16 9:50pm
why doesn't america just turn its comics into animations like japan does
Bok_Choi509/16 9:12pm
Poll: Do you kill the spiders you find in your home?
Bok_Choi1309/16 6:32am
Bok_Choi509/16 2:44am
ce you ever toke up and your vision just goes like "ZOOOOOOM"
Bok_Choi209/16 1:23am
i'm a bisexual who hasn't yet needed to come out to his parents AMA
Bok_Choi2909/15 3:12pm
Dudes really think they girls are fine enough to get hotdog.gif'd at a party
Bok_Choi209/15 5:28am
I hope they recreate that famous Captain America VS Thanos scene where SPOILERS
Bok_Choi709/15 1:17am
Just had a mind = blown realization about Infinity War (SPOILERS)
Bok_Choi709/14 5:55pm
ATTN normies of CE: is vegy really that weird to you
Bok_Choi6009/14 2:14pm
Bruce Lee exploited Asian stereotypes to make money at the expense of AsAms
Bok_Choi5209/14 1:11pm
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