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OUTRAGE after these Black High School Cheerleaders did THIS...Are you offended??
mrduckbear5109.26.2017 10:46am0 + 0
according to redhats, nazis should be allowed to preach death to minorties becau
mario20007709.26.2017 10:46am0 + 0
NFL players own themselves... they are really genuflecting!!
Damn_Underscore209.26.2017 10:45am0 + 0
ATTN: Dustin
Muffinz0rz409.26.2017 10:44am0 + 0
Park Service's own research shows Obama ban on plastic water bottles worked.
_OujiDoza_809.26.2017 10:44am0 + 0
Since the Russian narrative is dead - the media is back to their ace in the hole
Caution9994609.26.2017 10:39am0 + 0
Scenario: Your sister introduces you to her new bf, Big Dick Daniel
Romulox28809.26.2017 10:39am0 + 0
ITT we write a Red Hot Chili Peppers song one word at a time
bluezero1209.26.2017 10:37am0 + 0
How do you say "Will you marry me?" in Korean
Two_Dee1009.26.2017 10:35am0 + 0
My sisters' bfs name is Robert, but her nickname for him is Big Richard
Fam_Fam109.26.2017 10:30am0 + 0
Puerto Rico can't even vote, why would Trump help them?
1NfamousACE_22709.26.2017 10:26am0 + 0
The only thing that sucks about marriage is I don't get the excitement of dating
DanHarenChamp609.26.2017 10:24am0 + 0
so, how long until we stop talking about kneeling?
Blastia509.26.2017 10:23am0 + 0
Terminator 6 is confirmed, should they stop making sequel for this series?
MediumRare2209.26.2017 10:16am0 + 0
Do you think kirsten dunst is pretty?
Smallville609.26.2017 10:08am0 + 0
My CE life has gotten 100x better ever since I stopped talking about politics
Veggeta X109.26.2017 9:56am0 + 0
Equifax shares halted and the CEO resigns
_OujiDoza_909.26.2017 9:55am0 + 0
2017 and people literally still play Les Pauls
butthole666509.26.2017 9:45am0 + 0
Quick: Name the rights that have been threatened by outside forces within
AlternativeFAQS409.26.2017 9:42am0 + 0
Need new music give me rekkas please
Two_Dee509.26.2017 9:42am0 + 0
Imagine calling people sons of bitches and the whole nation gets on their knees.
De Evolution1809.26.2017 9:41am0 + 0
Trump made Lindsey Graham cry!
OpheliaAdenade309.26.2017 9:40am0 + 0
Characters in Korean dramas used to be educated in the United States.
ShiningFetus109.26.2017 9:39am0 + 0
Why do you call people a troll?
Veggeta X209.26.2017 9:37am0 + 0
Are you glad that the new terminator movies......?
Smallville209.26.2017 9:33am0 + 0
Wait, the US Government had to pay the NFL to do "patriotic events?"
DelianSK109.26.2017 9:32am0 + 0
Mega Man X Command Mission.
Yaridovich409.26.2017 9:31am0 + 0
South Dakota lawmakers to employed pregnant women: "you can quit."
wackyteen6309.26.2017 9:30am0 + 0
As it turns out, you will not be able to watch the revolution on television
AlternativeFAQS309.26.2017 9:29am0 + 0
Now that both started which do ya like more: Star Trek: Discovery or The Orville
EverHeardOfIt709.26.2017 9:27am0 + 0
Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas.
tremain07609.26.2017 9:24am0 + 0
This is a topic about how good looking SSSniperwolf's friend, Caitlin, is.
deupd_u909.26.2017 9:23am0 + 0
What i would give to wake up next to a cute as FUCK white chick every morning
ssj3vegeta21109.26.2017 9:21am0 + 0
Tanoomba109.26.2017 9:10am0 + 0
Make Anger Great Again, Trump's Early Morning Tweet Praises America Divide
twitterfriends209.26.2017 9:09am0 + 0
Have you ever asked to be the better person in a situation?
Veggeta X209.26.2017 9:06am0 + 0
Have you ever bought something from a telemarketer?
Chaze_the_chat309.26.2017 9:05am0 + 0
Four men are staying in a hotel room.
Philoktetes909.26.2017 9:04am0 + 0
He's Fired!
solosnake209.26.2017 9:00am0 + 0
What's so captivating about a vagina, really?
Fam_Fam2109.26.2017 8:50am0 + 0
What the hell's wrong with me?
DK9292309.26.2017 8:49am0 + 0
You're already dead!
fan357309.26.2017 8:41am0 + 0
How much more does your supervisor make than you?
KazGT61309.26.2017 8:40am0 + 0
This toy animal is amazing. Where can I get one?
Isaac1987109.26.2017 8:37am0 + 0
When you bump into the dead ex of the girl you're fucking.
St0rmFury309.26.2017 8:30am0 + 0
When I'm playing paladin, who should I be using intervention on?
OpheliaAdenade109.26.2017 8:28am0 + 0
contears cuckboys
Anarchy_Juiblex109.26.2017 8:21am0 + 0
3 men killed, 36 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings
Medz120610809.26.2017 8:14am0 + 0
I might try to become a cop.
StrikeGently1809.26.2017 8:13am0 + 0
do you think mad eye moody can see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch
Philoktetes209.26.2017 8:13am0 + 0
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