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03/18/23 7:03:43 PM

Donkey Kong, Diddy & Dixie Kong and Bowser have challenged Mario, Sonic and Pamela Ibis to a fight! Location of the fight: Kronos Island - A lush, verdant, mountainous island bearing the secrets of the Ancients within. The full island is accessible and no enemies or NPCs are present, and none of the other Starfall Islands nor Cyberspace Portals may be accessed. Attackers will start at the arrival point, while defenders will begin at Giganto's arena past the waterfall path. Which side will win?


-The fight will occur in real-time (like an FMV sequence). Gameplay mechanics are less important than how the characters would function in a real-time environment.
-The members of each team are ideal teammates capable of executing a prearranged battle plan.
-Unless stated otherwise, characters have access to their full arsenal of abilities and equipment. They may not always work at full power, however (e.g. a petrifying spell may have only a partial hindering effect not seen in gameplay or even fail outright against sufficiently powerful mercenaries). Use your own discretion.
-No mercenary can ever start in a location where they would die instantly, destroy the arena merely by existing in it, or end up ringed out of the terrain before abilities. If there's no room within a terrain to fit them, the terrain will stretch out until there's at least one yard of available, moving, safe space. Attacks may not damage the terrain enough to cause automatic deaths or ring-outs, save with a concerted effort.
-There may be SPOILERS from all of the games the characters are from.

Rules for Voting

-Bold your votes.
-You do not need to require justification for your vote, though the admins reserve the right to disqualify votes in the advent of obvious alt voting and other similar scenarios.
-Leaders cannot vote for their own teams, but they are free to argue their case.
-If you want to switch your votes simply bold the change; there's no need to delete your post, though you may if you wish.
-This match will end in 24 hours.

Diddy Kong is as he appears in Donkey Kong 64, with all upgrades and infinite Crystal Coconuts. He has access to his Super Smash Bros Ultimate moveset, with the exception of gameplay mechanics (i.e. banana forcing tripping, shield, etc.) and his Final Smash. He may use his jetpack without a Diddy Barrel.

Dixie Kong is as she appears in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. She enters the battle with Squawks, who will alert Dixie to any hidden items or enemies within ten meters, no matter how they are obscured.

Donkey Kong is as he appears in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, at Platinum Crest level. He also has access to his Mario + Rabbids: Donkey Kong Adventure skills and Golden Gyre, Smash Ultimate moveset, and his fully-upgraded coconut gun and 10 orange grenades from Donkey Kong 64. He is 250% bigger, faster (in movement speed and reflexes) and stronger too than normal for the duration of the fight.

Bowser is as he appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story, equipped with the Wicked Shell, Vampire Band, and Special Fangs X, though at his Super Mario Odyssey size. He may freely summon minions for Brawl Attacks, but only to perform the attacks, and cannot enlarge himself further or vacuum up abilities. He also has access to all abilities shown in Super Mario RPG, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Mario 64, and may summon and use the Koopa Clown Car at will (though he only has one and it contains no minions or other weapons).


Sonic the Hedgehog is as he appears in Sonic Frontiers with all of his skills and abilities unlocked and all parameters fully maxed, as well as a max complement of rings. He may not transform into Super Sonic, but may use any other abilities freely as the situation demands. He will start the fight in a Power Boost state.

Mario is as he appears in the Super Mario Bros. series, with full access to all of his abilities seen therein. He has access to all of his Super Mario RPG abilities, his Vanish Cap, Metal Cap, Wing Cap, as seen in Mario 64, a Mega Mushroom which will turn him giant for 30 seconds, as seen in New Super Mario Bros and Kart (plus one Banana Peel, Dash Mushroom, Lightning Bolt and Spiny Shell), and may use his Final Smashes from the Super Smash Bros. series if the appropriate circumstances arise without requiring a Smash Ball. Additionally, he is accompanied by Cappy, but may not Capture enemy mercenaries by default. He will capture Dixie Kong when the teams meet for 15 seconds, will have full access to their abilities, and will be able to use them as proficiently as she would. Upon her unfortunate demise or the end of the effect's duration, whichever comes first, Mario will spring out of her, landing in a nearby location unharmed.

Pamela Ibis is as she appears in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis. She is equipped with a set of endgame equipment and has access to all of her skills, including Physical Immunity, all of her Have Fun options and Immortal Body, which will only work once. She has mastered all the slots in her Grow Book. If all of her allies are defeated, she will automatically pass on one minute from the last one falling.

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03/18/23 7:05:25 PM

Aria's argument:

-Bowser has a lot of good stuff for this: fire breath and Poison Gas for offense v. Pamela, Terrorize (AOE 1/2 att+def) and Mechakoopa and minions to help stall, shockwaves to slow down Sonic (and maybe hit Pamela?)

-DK at 3.5x speed takes a LOT of edge off Sonic's main tool. Sonic's still the fastest thing alive on the battlefield, but I don't see him perfect comboing DK like he might against the base form, and if DK does anything to him, it's gonna hurt. -Cappy might actually be negative worth here, it gets Mario off the field for 15 seconds and Diddy can probably keep Dixie from doing all that much.

-Odyssey Bowser and 350% DK are REAL big; Mega Mushroom and Lightning Bolt are still an issue for sure, but it's not like Mario's gonna be able to bug squish 'em.

-I think we're gonna do some damage (to Sonic, mainly) while Mario's screwing around with Dixie, and I think we're gonna take some damage while Mario's doing item spam. My team's tanky and the other team is not particularly offensively minded, so I think we can ride out the storm and win in the long run once Mario's exhausted his options.

-I suspect it'll come down to Pamela's timeout clause (although we do have fire breath and Poison Gas and debatably orange grenades) but I don't think she's doing that much against my guys in a minute. Bowser and DK are both very tanky bois, and if Diddy/Dixie are still around, they've got enough mobility to kite reasonably well.

-Diddy and Dixie are here. They might take each other out during Dixie's possession, they might serve to kite Mario a bit post-powerups, they might banana peel up the place and crimp Sonic's style.

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03/18/23 7:05:44 PM

Gravy's argument:

Aight, so we're on a huge terrain. I mean, real big.

It's real long, don't expect anyone to watch it...but yeah, its a huge island.

Mario has canonically defeated DK, as well as Bowser, so there's an advantage there. But he's going to possess Dixie upon the teams meeting, which is 15 seconds of DK being confused why Dixie is attacking Diddy. His family is number one, and he'll be really sad they're attacking each other, which leaves him ripe for being attacked. Once the possession wears off, Mario will escape unharmed, and can use his Mega Mushroom to grow to the same size as DK, as well as use his Metal Cap and Lightning Bolt to shrink Donkey Kong and Bowser.

Pamela offers alot of utility including:
-Healing from her teddy bear

Keep in mind that she's a ghost, and is impervious to damage from physical damage. I'm not sure what hurts her this fight, truly, besides Bowser's Poison.

Anyway the centerpiece is Sonic, which here's a small sample of his combos from Frontiers:

He's so fast he teleports around while he attacks, which DK and Bowser will have no chance at keeping up with.

If things get dicey, the team can regroup: Pamela can fly, Mario has his flying cap, and Sonic can navigate the terrain wuthout any problems. Since they're on a huge island they can regroup far away and heal up their wounds while their opponents try to find them again.

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03/18/23 7:05:58 PM

So if bowser cant kill Pamela before he dies this is a stomp.

And I feel like Sonic ensures this isnt the case.


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03/18/23 7:13:22 PM

I want to believe in the scenario where Mario cappy's into Dixie, Bowser KNOWS what Mario can do and kills Dixie, and then DK and Diddy, so aghast that Bowser would do that, ignore the fight to beat him up, ignoring the fact that DK has also been possessed by Mario because he is so overcome with righteous fury.

I do not think this is likely, mostly because Sonic just. Exists. But I think it's very funny.

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03/18/23 7:20:28 PM

Sonic solos

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03/18/23 7:21:51 PM

sonic dies, but mario solos

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03/18/23 7:38:50 PM

Team Mario

He can grow huge too, and has experience fighting and beating both DK and Bowser while they're unnaturally giant (even without also being huge). Toss in Sonic, Pamela, and a big terrain that doesn't let DK/Bowser just exploit being huge and physically strong, can't see him losing.

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03/18/23 8:20:36 PM

You're too slow

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03/18/23 8:21:14 PM

team pamela

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03/18/23 8:25:42 PM

pamela is a problem. No one but Bowser here really can even touch her.

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03/18/23 9:36:59 PM

Team Sonic because the other team just has no counter to anything they have

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03/18/23 10:48:46 PM

sonic & mario

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03/18/23 10:50:04 PM

lightning bolt + metal cap + mega mushroom still super overpowered
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03/18/23 10:51:31 PM

Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games- i mean mercs.

This is a real Smash-bros battle, it's kinda neat. But I don't think anyone on DK's side can stop Pamela and Nu-Sonic is too much for 'em even if they could.

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