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Everyone seems to love Shape of Water, but isn't it kinda gross? *SPOILERS*
saspa1201/17 11:06am
What a... bizarrely shaped ice cream scoop
saspa601/17 8:13am
We like your shows HBO, you don't need to keep showing us your boobs.
saspa3101/17 5:39am
Disney is having a bit of a case of the sequelitis aren't they
saspa1601/17 4:27am
If meat does end, I hope soy isn't what replaces meat.
saspa7501/17 4:19am
Watching a tv show in 4k... I can actually see every blemish and every pore
saspa1401/17 3:25am
Stargirl and Stargirl
saspa2401/16 6:54pm
Is arm wrestling still a thing?
saspa101/16 10:24am
Gawd I miss Fullmetal Alchemist. It was such an amazing show. SPOILErs
saspa601/15 2:53pm
Does anyone sometimes feel like their life is a mcflurry?
saspa101/14 12:25pm
I wish Nicholas D'Agosto was more popular.
saspa301/13 1:16pm
Playing Tales of Vesperia. Game is looking great so far but...
saspa401/13 11:56am
How's Artemis Fowl?
saspa501/13 10:58am
Windows 10: Focus assistant is set to off yet still appears with notifications
saspa201/11 12:08pm
Do you get a giggle if you're injected with Joker's toxin venom gas?
saspa101/11 11:46am
Why aren't seals more popular than dogs?
saspa1201/11 5:15am
Zeo Rangers was great, but what was the theme of that saga?
saspa701/11 5:05am
Thoughts on cross platform advertising?
saspa101/10 2:16pm
I honestly don't understand how others can understand today's lingo with texting
saspa1801/10 1:32pm
She is sooo pretty
saspa1601/10 11:22am
It's a shame Happy Endings wasn't the next Friends. Show was hilarious
saspa101/10 11:10am
Does anyone get iRrationally upset when Apple removes the headphone jack from
saspa901/10 2:55am
Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 was a good show
saspa3601/10 12:11am
*cuts fingernails* *body all of a sudden starts itching*
saspa101/09 12:45pm
The Internet means someone has probably made rpg maker of prozd's king dragon
saspa101/09 12:32pm
Recommend TV show or movie to get
saspa201/09 11:08am
When you beat a game and you have that feeling
saspa101/09 10:57am
In one movie, an actor and actress are uncle and niece.
saspa1401/08 3:02pm
Just beat Ys 7, that was a great game. *Spoilers*
saspa101/08 11:48am
Remember anime?
saspa601/07 1:59pm
Don't feel bad about loving those delicious sickeningly sweet cadbury creme eggs
saspa101/07 1:42pm
Do people actually like watching a movie in a crowded theater though?
saspa401/06 9:11am
Why is it the south always has better food than the north?
saspa601/06 8:15am
It's absolutely criminal this channel doesn't have more views/subscribers
saspa601/05 11:19am
So now that there's gonna be a Jurassic World 3... *Spoilers for the series*
saspa1001/05 10:28am
Darkseid's anti life equation vs Thanos's infinity stones.
saspa1101/05 6:11am
Played a bit of Super Mario Odyssey.
saspa1001/04 4:38pm
Do you guys think Sonic will copy DBZ with the super saiyan sonic stuff?
saspa301/04 12:58pm
Holy crap at that Ys 7 plot twist though. *SPOILERS*
saspa401/04 12:20pm
Is the Guinness book of world records still a thing?
saspa101/04 11:20am
So... that Titans tv show is actually successful. Season 2 now...
saspa301/03 2:29pm
Does Dragon Ball belong in the DC universe or Marvel?
saspa501/03 1:46pm
Ok the whole replacing redheads in media thing is getting utterly ridiculous now
saspa1401/02 1:13pm
Amy Smart though
saspa1001/02 4:55am
Lotta AC topics, did some new game release or something?
saspa3001/01 9:31pm
Martians in the DC universe seem pretty broken all things considered.
saspa201/01 12:30pm
Does Nancy from Stranger Things kinda look like Emma Rossum from Shameless?
saspa1101/01 11:33am
30 Rock was a great show.
saspa312/31 11:43am
Any good family guy episodes like the emmy episode?
saspa112/31 9:30am
Ys 7 is great, and I'm glad it's so good.
saspa312/31 9:29am
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