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You know a show is good when it makes you start sympathizing with the villains.
saspa309/16 12:01pm
You ever wonder if you're the only guy who likes the things you like
saspa309/16 11:55am
Omg DMC 3 is amazing!
saspa509/16 11:51am
Oh wow, RE 4 and DMC 3 came out at the same time?
saspa409/16 11:16am
Are toys even still popular or bought? Is toys r us still in business?
saspa1009/15 3:32pm
Which is the best graphic drivers?
saspa909/15 1:29pm
You know how when a pornstar comes back to porn they always look so nasty and
saspa209/15 9:27am
Beat DMC 2, both Lucia and Dante playthroughs.
saspa709/14 3:01pm
Ain't nothin gonna beat that scene in Avengers 1, still the best movie. Spoilers
saspa1009/10 3:17pm
The internet has made us insane. Actually googling ''best whiteboard eraser'' rn
saspa1109/10 1:44pm
Best Shakespeare work?
saspa1509/10 1:10pm
Anyone else like eating squid, octopus, mollusks, and other seafood?
saspa2009/08 1:25pm
Do you guys ever wonder if...
saspa309/08 11:25am
Best pc dimmer for Windows 10?
saspa209/08 9:52am
So Psychonauts, first time player here any notes for the game?
saspa809/07 4:23pm
The fact that Nintendo has become more like the competition kinda sucks though.
saspa709/07 3:40pm
You know what was a hilarious show, Ouran High School Host Club
saspa109/07 2:08pm
Beat Devil May Cry 2 with Dante. Now to see if I can do Lucia's section...
saspa309/07 1:48pm
Er, why is Dante old and decrepit in Devil May Cry 5?
saspa509/07 1:17pm
What the... firefox takes up 2 gigabytes of memory?
saspa1209/04 3:05pm
Devil May Cry 2 is hot garbage.
saspa709/03 1:51pm
Any good pc screen dimmer program for my screen that's too bright?
saspa409/03 1:18pm
Were some events in dragon ball with bulma supposed to be sexual?
saspa3608/31 4:47am
Started Jessica Jones season 3. *SPOILERS*
saspa1308/27 2:36pm
Will Smith's bullshit explanation in MIB 1... was actually correct. *Spoilers*
saspa7908/27 1:08pm
*Superhero character tries out their original comic book costume outfit*
saspa908/26 10:24pm
Did you have to do some hours of community service to graduate high school?
saspa4408/25 11:35pm
Both Jessica Jones and Punisher dipped into the child molester vault of villains
saspa508/24 8:13am
I know we joke about it all the time, but I've actually seen gardevoir porn V__V
saspa308/23 4:04pm
Is it even true that throwing a blow dryer into a bathtub will kill you?
saspa1008/23 12:58pm
Do American sports also take off their shirt when they score a goal?
saspa908/23 11:23am
I'm... I'm being tracked.
saspa1108/23 10:49am
siri alexa bixby cortana
saspa908/23 8:55am
Does anyone have more nose hairs than me?
saspa208/22 2:20pm
jfc I've been paying for kindle unlimited for the past year without knowing
saspa408/22 1:23pm
Is that black guy from the Mortal Kombat movie a character from the game?
saspa508/22 12:55pm
Child Stars Who Are Unrecognizably Gorgeous Now
saspa408/22 11:27am
where the white women at?
saspa1308/22 10:07am
Have you ever done or been into the boycott thing?
saspa308/21 1:38pm
Young Justice season 3 Outsiders is almost over!
saspa108/19 2:55pm
Will syncing firefox sync my addons and specific settings?
saspa908/19 2:31pm
Common misconceptions itt
saspa3408/18 2:45pm
So... that's it for Marvel Netflix.
saspa1608/18 2:22pm
Do teenage boys really put up posters of half naked girls in their room?
saspa10508/18 1:13pm
How do these sites like vine and tik tok even go viral?
saspa1208/18 1:09pm
Lol Punisher Season 2. *Spoilers*
saspa2908/18 9:49am
Is astrology a girl thing, are a lot of girls into that kind of stuff?
saspa2008/17 6:53am
My reaction when I read serving size on processed foods:
saspa808/17 2:32am
Did google images change their design layout?
saspa108/16 8:51am
So apparently you need a Microsoft account when installing Windows 10?
saspa1508/16 7:49am
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