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I fucking hate those indian scam callers
DemonBuffet1206/16 5:15pm
Mexican cartel declares war on Mexico Governement
DemonBuffet7506/04 6:41am
I just saw the Demon Slayer movie last night at the theatres.
DemonBuffet105/27 9:25am
Confession: I poop in the women's restroom at work
DemonBuffet605/26 4:54pm
Instead of canceling student debt, why not eliminate the interest rates?
DemonBuffet905/26 1:03am
Play a real Shin Megami Tensei game
DemonBuffet105/25 11:26am
Leaked Pentagon video footage of a UFO by San Diego
DemonBuffet605/21 11:16am
ITT: Ancient but funny youtube videos
DemonBuffet105/17 6:08pm
My 2 yr old is obsessed with DBZ anime music videos
DemonBuffet1305/15 1:40pm
Just found out about Invincible, and killed season 1 the same day
DemonBuffet405/07 1:04am
Racist Karen harasses deputy who issues her a cell phone while driving ticket
DemonBuffet1505/05 12:48am
Bruh, whats up with dogecoin?
DemonBuffet305/04 10:21pm
Bike thieves get poked in their butt
DemonBuffet2305/04 10:15pm
Cola flavored gummies
DemonBuffet305/03 12:44pm
1960's video of what houses in 2001 will be like
DemonBuffet1105/02 6:47pm
There's a lot of videos online of Brazilian thieves getting blasted
DemonBuffet105/02 6:08pm
Pokemon Snap for $50 in case you guys were looking for deals
DemonBuffet304/30 8:26pm
Its normally hard for Anime to have sit and watch, but Demon Slayer's pacing
DemonBuffet204/24 5:09pm
Did anyone die during the fatal error?
DemonBuffet704/21 5:50pm
I regret only buying $20 of dogecoin at 0.03
DemonBuffet804/17 1:58am
I found a PsP go. Should I hang onto it or sell it?
DemonBuffet403/30 10:58pm
Theres an official League of Legends game on mobile now
DemonBuffet303/30 3:29pm
TIL that naked yoga is allowed on youtube
DemonBuffet503/29 7:27pm
Two teenage girls arrested after killing Uber Eats driver
DemonBuffet403/27 5:21pm
Damn, Im obsessed with Genshin Impact
DemonBuffet403/23 5:27pm
Whats the oldest game you've had on your phone?
DemonBuffet903/20 9:55am
Damn, rusian dating site pics are fucking hilarious
DemonBuffet803/18 1:17am
Injured dog walks into a vet seeking help
DemonBuffet203/12 12:37pm
Has anyone ever sent cards to PSA for grading?
DemonBuffet303/02 9:49pm
Well the Canelo Alvarez fight was shitty
DemonBuffet302/28 2:07am
Why don't more people identify as Moderate/Independent?
DemonBuffet902/15 11:43pm
Superbowl Trophy designer's daughter upset bout Brady tossing trophy
DemonBuffet1502/15 11:39pm
Target Drive up is such a god send!
DemonBuffet102/15 8:33pm
Chanel store robbed 160k in goods
DemonBuffet602/10 11:10pm
T-Mobile predicted Tom Brady taking the SB
DemonBuffet302/08 3:26pm
50 million dollars but your taste buds are moved to ur anus
DemonBuffet602/02 10:42pm
Dragon Ball really fucked Gohan over.
DemonBuffet1801/29 3:04pm
Anyone have those M1 macbooks?
DemonBuffet101/25 5:43pm
Predict tonight's winning numbers
DemonBuffet401/22 9:57pm
True Crime Streets of LA was a fun game!
DemonBuffet1401/13 8:32pm
Apple Store has a GBA emulator up!
DemonBuffet4301/11 7:49am
ITT: Name one God Tier cereal and one trash tier cereal
DemonBuffet101/10 11:12pm
Just saw the Black Mirror episode, Nosedive.
DemonBuffet501/10 1:23pm
I fixed my dryer! Feels good doing it for $15
DemonBuffet301/07 3:09pm
Today was a prime example of white priveledge
DemonBuffet1901/06 9:21pm
Florida Woman stabs cop, gets shot
DemonBuffet6201/06 5:19am
Minneapolis pawn shop owner not charged for killing man during riots
DemonBuffet512/15 1:33pm
Anyone else get freaked out by that Covid alarm?
DemonBuffet512/08 3:15pm
Anyone have SMT Overclocked on 3DS they wanna sell to me?
DemonBuffet212/07 6:54pm
Can you change an electrical outlet without youtube'ing
DemonBuffet1412/07 6:53pm
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