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What are some pretty cheap spirit board set ups to smash World of Light?
DemonBuffet312/28 4:05pm
Neat, I won $100 from a $10 scratcher
DemonBuffet312/28 12:13am
What's the best VPN? Paid and free?
DemonBuffet312/27 9:01pm
Oh shit, the weather is bad! Let me snapchat this while Im driving
DemonBuffet112/21 3:09am
How do you unlock more sluggish shields?
DemonBuffet612/20 6:21pm
Is Goblin Slayer a good series to watch?
DemonBuffet1812/20 6:58am
Any of you guys have those Arcade1Up machines? They worth it?
DemonBuffet112/19 11:32pm
I dont get the hate for Fortnite. Its bringing kids back to console/pc gaming.
DemonBuffet1112/18 7:32pm
How do you beat Legendary spirits in Smash Ultimate?
DemonBuffet1412/18 12:03am
Anyone here play Blackout on PS4?
DemonBuffet112/17 12:50pm
Trump's feelings hurt by SNL skit and wants NBC tested by courts
DemonBuffet1212/17 12:08am
Amazon is giving $25 gc to buy their $75 psone clasic LMAO
DemonBuffet112/16 2:00pm
My kid is watching Yugioh. I forgot how much ass pull is in that show.
DemonBuffet2312/16 12:48pm
New president of Mexico wants to cut overpaid judges' wages.
DemonBuffet912/15 10:38pm
Is there any good alternatives to Microsoft word?
DemonBuffet1112/15 7:26pm
Playstation games are running better on Snes mini than PSone mini lol
DemonBuffet812/14 2:59am
Hey guys, u can beat smash bros with Donkey Kong's down B spam
DemonBuffet412/14 2:29am
Racist White Woman attacks Asian female with umbrella
DemonBuffet112/13 2:23pm
What do you think this hunter's life was life after a deer kicked his ass?
DemonBuffet1412/09 9:41pm
Disneyland in december is a mess
DemonBuffet712/08 9:10pm
Man enters tire shop and yells Im here to kill a Mexican. Not charged with hate.
DemonBuffet912/08 4:10am
What are popular memes used at Gamefaqs that you dont care for?
DemonBuffet1612/07 4:02pm
Woman kills a jail escapee who broke into her home.
DemonBuffet1912/07 1:54am
Hows that new Smash?
DemonBuffet112/06 6:31pm
Having booby trapped packages for Porch Pirates should be allowed
DemonBuffet3612/05 6:43pm
Anyone play Monster Hunter Stories?
DemonBuffet112/05 2:29pm
Man, I want an Initial D arcade machine in my garage
DemonBuffet612/04 3:01pm
PUBG is crossing over with Resident Evil 2
DemonBuffet412/04 12:25am
Lmao! People are selling instagram accounts with lots of followers
DemonBuffet512/01 3:29pm
Crypto is still crashing down!
DemonBuffet911/26 6:18pm
Quality, funny you tubers to suscribe to?
DemonBuffet1211/19 11:10pm
Modern Yugioh has become first turn kill combo bull shit
DemonBuffet711/19 9:36pm
I dont usually watch SNL, but Jeff Bezos burning Trump skit is pretty funny
DemonBuffet1211/19 10:00am
Horizon Dawn Complete for $10? Worth it?
DemonBuffet811/18 9:10pm
What was the cartoon where these guys had huge foreheads that needed sticks to
DemonBuffet111/17 10:47am
Its 2018 and ghetto ppl wanna buy cars on Facebook with payments lol
DemonBuffet111/14 7:49pm
Its been some time. Can we all admit that the Wii U sucked ass?
DemonBuffet3411/14 6:38pm
Caravan migrants chilling on San Diego border trying to cross
DemonBuffet511/14 5:30pm
Will Warcraft 3 Reforged include custom map creator?
DemonBuffet411/04 12:32pm
Runescape came out for mobile lol
DemonBuffet5311/02 9:22pm
Blizzard announced Diablo is coming to mobile phones
DemonBuffet111/02 4:02pm
If you guys wanna try a mobile puzzle game, Puzzle and Dragons is lit af now
DemonBuffet111/01 12:06am
These food delivery apps are godsend with coupons lol!
DemonBuffet210/31 2:28pm
Fox News seems pretty bummed out on reporting on the MAGAbomber.
DemonBuffet1510/26 3:25pm
Damn, Sears filed Bankruptcy.
DemonBuffet1510/24 2:18pm
Hardcore Control in Blops 4 is a damn good time
DemonBuffet110/23 7:12pm
Getting into yugioh again. Any tips?
DemonBuffet610/20 11:36am
Black Ops 4 is amazing
DemonBuffet110/16 2:21pm
Venom was pretty good despite what critics said
DemonBuffet210/13 5:19pm
Tapatio >Tabasco
DemonBuffet2010/13 10:47am
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