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ledbowman posted...
On a more basic level, I can't stand the notion that "we don't like TLJ, therefore it is invalid, therefore it breaks the lore" as opposed to "ok we have some new material to work with that means we might have to somewhat reassess what we know about this relatively minor technical thing." It's so petty and backwards

So you're moving the goal posts?

I don't think you're wrong for still liking a film that I hate. At least, you defend some aspects of it which leads me to assume that you like it.

People can like or dislike a film for any number of reasons. It is when people boil their opinions down to personal attacks that I take issue such as "dumb star wars nerds, basement dwellers, neckbeards, who complain about a children's space fantasy film." As if we aren't all adults on a dying video game website arguing with each other over this. No one who engages in these discussions gets to play the superiority card over someone else who engages in these discussions.

just tell them all your base doesn't belong to us because we were getting stoned...they'll understand-Ken156

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