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02/14/20 10:13:18 PM

This is a topic to rate the contest strength of potential newcomers in the current contest environment.

I will pick the characters to rate and discuss for each day from user nominations - whoever the 3 most nominated characters are at that time. If there are more than 3 I will pick randomly. You can nominate any number of characters at any time, but you cannot nominate the same character twice.

All characters who were present in the 2018 Character Battle will NOT be eligible. Otherwise you can nominate any character that has appeared in video games; even comic book characters. This will exclude real-life athletes who have only appeared in long running sports series, however I will accept those who have their own games such as Shaq. I will accept nominations for iconic gaming duos too, if there is a compelling reason for both characters to be linked (either co-starring in a game ala Banjo & Kazooie, or always appearing together like Callie & Marie from Splatoon).

Each day will have a separate topic, and nominations will carry over. As far as actually rating the character's contest strength; I ask that users rank a characters potential strength with one of the following qualifiers - LAW Fodder, Low Fodder, Mid Fodder, High Fodder, Fodder Line, Low Midcarder, Midcarder, High Midcarder, Near Elite, Elite, LAW Tier (capable of beating Link). I will average all the ratings given to a character to come up with their final ranking. I have included a highlighted entrant from Character Battle X on each tier of the strength rankings below, to provide a baseline for each.

Note that LAW Fodder is meant to be a tier reserved for the weakest possible characters to put into a contest. A character will only be placed there if at least 3/4ths of the voters for that day agree on the LAW Fodder rating, and no ratings above Low Fodder are given. If either of those conditions are not met, the character will not be eligible for the LAW Fodder tier.

Current Character Strength Rankings:

Nomination List:

If you feel that a character has been over or under-ranked, or if a new development has come up that would affect their contest strength, you may nominate them for a re-ranking. You may nominate one character per day for this, and 3 votes are needed to get them on the slate. One character with 3 votes will come up for re-ranking today.

Re-ranking Nomination List:

Results from Day 249:

Green Lantern (DC Comics) is Low Fodder
Minnie Mouse (Disney) is Low Fodder
Oliver (Ni no Kuni) is Low Fodder

Re-Ranking Result:

Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat) is now Mid Fodder

Here is today's trio to rank:

Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)
Mimic (Dragon Quest)
Grue (Zork)

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02/14/20 10:34:39 PM

Marge is mid
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02/15/20 12:02:36 PM

Agree with Mid Fodder for Marge. She might be slightly stronger than Lisa, but I don't think enough so to move up to High Fodder. She does stand out quite a bit due to her hair though.

Low Fodder for Mimic. I don't think most people like this type of enemy - getting an encounter instead of an item is never a good feeling.

So the last 'real' Zork game was in 1987 - I wasn't even born yet. So Grue should end up as LAW Fodder.

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02/15/20 12:19:35 PM

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02/15/20 5:45:22 PM

Marge Simpson (The Simpsons) - Mid fodder

I don't think people care that much specifically about Marge. Any other show, I'd be putting someone like her low fodder.

But the Simpsons is just something else: (long time ago but still!)

The second one could be argued as not that impressive I guess but I mean, it beat the X-men. We ranked Wolverine over Homer.and that still doesn't necessarily sound wrong. So if Simpsons isn't getting strength from the top end, it's mid and lower character are probably surprisingly resilient.

Mimic (Dragon Quest) - Low fodder

Yeah I don't think people generally like Mimics.

Grue (Zork) - LAW fodder

Guybrush is already low fodder here and Grue would be vastly, vastly worse. People are more likely to know it as a joke/meme/reference rather than something they've actually seen ( in a game since the gamefaqs demographic hasn't played Zork, and it's a pretty old one at that. I'm not sure it beats Green Biker Dude.

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02/15/20 6:18:07 PM

Demtri darkstalkers
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02/15/20 7:38:16 PM

Marge: Mid Fodder
Mimic: Low Fodder - I might even consider LAW here if I wasn't a Dragon Quest fan.
Grue: LAW Fodder

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02/15/20 10:28:44 PM

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