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Blizzard reveals their diversity tool

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Mega Man 5

SMS Sonic 1 is barely in the spirit of the contest. Even if it were a great game, I'd feel weird voting for it here.

Mega Man 5 came out a year and a half later so if SMS Sonic 1 is questionable, Mega Man 5 is practically cheating by existing!

8-bit Sonic 1 isnt that great though. It couldnt really replicate the multiple interweaving pathways of the real Sonic 1 and the level design it goes with instead isnt that interesting. If this was the real Sonic 1 Id have to think about it. But, while Mega Man 5 is one of the lesser NES Mega Man games imo, a good, competent NES Mega Man is enough to beat a below-standards Sonic game.

Darkwing Duck is...also almost a Mega Man game and Id take almost any of those over almost any Atari-eta high-score game.

Mega Man 5
Darkwing Duck

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