Where is the furthest place youve been from home?

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Poll of the Day » Where is the furthest place youve been from home?
For me its Budapest
Basel, Switzerland; just a touch over 5,000 miles.
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Somewhere in England, approx. 18,300km (11,400mi) away
Rio Di Janeiro, about 6.5k miles
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Probably Seattle, which is like 3kish miles.
San Francisco which is 5,022 miles (8,042 Kilommeters) from Glasgow Scotland where I live.
Seems far:

The shortest distance (air line) between Sydney and New-York is 9,935.04 mi (15,988.90 km).
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Iraq. Beautiful country, by the way.
I think the Philippines is farther than Thailand. But one of those 2.
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Born in Atlanta, furthest I've been from there was 691 miles to Tyler, Texas, where my paternal grandparents lived. But I was a baby, so i don't remember it.
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Rome, 4,341 mi away.
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Bern, Switzerland. I had to actually check if it was further away than Vancouver (from Halifax, NS), but it's about 5300 km away and Vancouver is only about 4400.
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A couple neighboring states.
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Ever? Disney World. Recently? Milford, PA according to Google Maps.
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I live in San Diego, so going by that, NYC edges out Philadelphia
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11,853 km away, Bangkok
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Whatever the distance between Florida and Northern Ireland is, that.
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The Bahamas. So about 1000 miles, give or take.
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From Texas either Alaska or Hawaii.
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Capetown, South Africa from Massachusetts
Juneau, Alaska. Went on a cruise out of Seattle five years ago
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Flight :Vegas 1900 miles

Drive: Va. Beach VA. , Cooperstown NY , and Ocean City Maryland - all around 700 miles
Fuerteventura, 2360ish miles.
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Either Australia or New Zealand
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Relative to where I was living at the time I guess it'd be Lake Tahoe in CA when I was living in Tampa bay. The only time I've been out of the country was mexico and the carribean, which aren't very far from florida
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The Philippines.
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Home in Australia <--- 9980mi---> Berlin
Hawaii. Outside of Hawaii once and canada twice, I've never been more than two states away.
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A thousand miles or so, not too keen on leaving the country.
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Depends what you mean by home. Im an immigrant.
AltOmega2 posted...
A thousand miles or so, not too keen on leaving the country.


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Gdask, Poland. That's 1,193.2 miles away it seems.
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Home is Los Angeles and I go to Japan which has to be at least 5000 miles away
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From Tampa to Niagara Falls, Canada recently. Before then from outside of Chicago to Kauai, Hawaii (was staying for a short time in Maui and did a day trip).
I live about 11,000km from where I was born but I've lived here for 11 years so it is my home.
Australia probably.
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Kimbos_Egg posted...
mordor. into the fires of mount doom.

Did you walk there?

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Vancouver is the furthest for me. I know there is some beautiful scenery outside the city there but im in a touring band and we were playing a show there... it was the worst place I've ever been. Drugs addicts just roaming the street everywhere and openly smoking crack on the sidewalk. I still had a good time. Went to some vegan pizza place and the bar next to the venue was tight
If I take one more step from the shire, it'll be the furthest I've ever been.

Anyway, semi-loaded question depending on where "home" is. But, I guess, over 3,000 miles works.

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San Jose, California to Pottsville, Pennsylvania, approx. 2,818 miles, visited relatives back in 1989. Flying was so much easier then. Security manager wanted me to place a fake grenade in my carry-on luggage to test the security line but I chickened out (I was only 11 years old.)
China, it was epic.
Poll of the Day » Where is the furthest place youve been from home?
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