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saspa posted...
I mean I do agree with you that "akechi" was improved in the Royal portion of the game, if we concede that's Akechi and not a figment of joker's imagination. But boy did I hate the psychiatrist dude. Disliked him from the moment of his introduction, not knowing he was a royal addition, and definitely hated him when he came barging back into the story. He's definitely the Mari of this game, ironic that it's not the new redhead. I'm just not a fan of these types of villains/antagonists, the misguided "heart's in the wrong place" types. People whined that p5 was a slog near the end but I never felt that way at all, not until the specific Royal portion which felt a bit tacked on tbh.

Still I had a blast being so overpowered in the final portion. I sometimes like the 3rd transformation of the party members' personas. I love when my party becomes so broken that I actually have to take it easy on the bosses just to hear the rest of their dialogue. Feels good to run circles around what is supposed to be a "godlike being" and me just completely crushing him with joker almost singlehandedly

I like him so much more after NG+. He's a coward, and he's fully aware of it. His meetings with you are a literal cry for help if you read the shit he's saying after knowing his circumstances. He's not a strong villain, but I really do like his weaponized weakness. He basically comes out and admits it's too hard for him to keep living as a person, and his savior complex is born of escapism from his reality, rather than the good intentions he purports himself to have.

It's like if someone got so hurt over a breakup they decided nobody can ever date again.

It also speaks to why an "extended savior" doesn't work as a concept. A savior has to be a wiping of the slate clean and a fresh starting point, otherwise you're just ending the autonomy of those you claim you've given salvation. Which is the whole premise of Akechi's revival.

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