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Yr: marvel makes a Thanos and Loki movie.

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Taharqa_ posted...
There is no attempt to assimilate into their new community.

FrisbeeDude posted...
it's about respect. white residents are moving into a historically black area and expecting their mannerisms to be catered to. Like someone in the comments said, they're not taking their dogs for walks on American Universitys campus. Just keep the same energy.

Lol. You sound like old white guys upset about the new non-white neighbors not assimilating.

Guess moaning about how "they don't respect our culture, codes and laws" is a human thing, not a white thing afterall.

Btw, that gogo music thing is fair as fuck if the violated city ordinance.

Just cause no one ever complained doesn't give them the right to blare loud music.

However, most cities would allow the purchase of a permit meaning the complaints would be moot...unless it was truly violating city rules.
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