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What will be the pokemon go to the polls moment of 2020?
darkphoenix1811201/18 12:38am
Til Mark Furhman, white supremacist who helped OJ, is a FOX News commentator
darkphoenix181801/17 1:32pm
Do you think OJ did it?
darkphoenix1811301/17 12:49pm
What if Rey is revealed as a character in SMASH? Yr
darkphoenix181301/16 2:26pm
Why haven't scientologists tried to Hijack Star Wars? It would make sense
darkphoenix181701/16 2:15pm
C/D: Privacy IS security!
darkphoenix181101/16 1:01pm
Tswift looks just like she did in HighSchool
darkphoenix1813301/15 7:51pm
The perfect girl but she loves Geroge Lucas special editions.
darkphoenix181701/13 6:10pm
Star Wars comic about boomers
darkphoenix1811201/13 3:56pm
Is this the ONLY version of SW Lucas didn't bastardize in DvD format?
darkphoenix1811201/13 2:40pm
So I just watched Ex Machina (spoilers)
darkphoenix1811101/12 1:04am
Think they might retcon the sequel trilogy like they did eu? Sw Spoilers
darkphoenix1818701/11 3:37pm
What should Disney do with baby Yoda?
darkphoenix1811701/11 1:17am
Quentin Tarantino foot montage
darkphoenix181101/10 11:39pm
Would you have the willpower to resist Rey Jedi Mindtrick
darkphoenix181701/10 5:46pm
Is there gonna be a Solo 2?
darkphoenix181901/10 1:02pm
24% of your cable or internet bill is bogus fees.
darkphoenix1813401/10 12:45pm
Watching kill bill on netflix : exec producer harvey weinstein
darkphoenix1814001/09 10:47pm
Rate this 1-10/Incel
darkphoenix181301/09 4:08pm
Just now watching Alien Covenant (spoilers)
darkphoenix1811601/08 8:14pm
C/D: Mark Hammil voice work is as epic as Harrison Ford filmography
darkphoenix1811501/08 1:11pm
Nytimes: WW3 is canceled. But proxies may still attack.
darkphoenix181601/08 12:07pm
NPR Reporter: Trump approval rating slowly inching up
darkphoenix1811101/08 12:04pm
Trump: "all is well"
darkphoenix1813201/08 1:47am
It's treason then (sw ep 3 spoilers)
darkphoenix181401/07 11:01pm
Will the Senate prosecute Trump for impeach now?
darkphoenix181301/07 8:36pm
Just watched 80s Dark Crystal, honestly would been lost with netflix series
darkphoenix1811001/07 7:53pm
What is the best Disney Princess movie?
darkphoenix1811101/07 6:09pm
Is Tim Allen still the only conservative comedian?
darkphoenix1812601/07 5:55pm
Is Ricky Gervais funny?
darkphoenix181901/06 9:56pm
C/D: Blade Runner is how to make a book adaptation if
darkphoenix181801/06 5:20pm
Your greatest nightmares given physical form. WARNING: watch at own risk
darkphoenix1811201/05 3:19am
1 hour Behind the scenes Phantom Menace making with raw footage
darkphoenix181801/05 3:00am
Mark Hamill Original Star Wars BBC Interview 1977
darkphoenix1811301/05 1:42am
Carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done.
darkphoenix181301/04 11:27pm
Tbh Rey could still continue (RotS spoilers)
darkphoenix1811101/03 4:30pm
Tlj spoilers. Will Disney ever do anything with...
darkphoenix1813001/03 2:01pm
Honestly I want an Anakin solo film
darkphoenix1814501/03 12:16pm
Think authors/directors evet sabotage their work in hopes that
darkphoenix181701/03 12:00pm
Netflix doesn'r have og dark crystal anymore :(
darkphoenix181501/03 12:56am
Is the Dark Crystal supposed to be for kids?
darkphoenix1811701/02 10:37pm
Baby Yoda Executes Order 66
darkphoenix181701/02 12:44am
How do weebs afford so many anime girl figures?
darkphoenix1812401/02 12:16am
The Dark Crystal show on netflix is like a bunch of mini films
darkphoenix1811201/01 11:14pm
wow, Squirrels are scumbags
darkphoenix1812101/01 5:13am
What does it mean if you get a boner watching the anime kampfer
darkphoenix181212/31 2:04pm
Would you date a female Yoda?
darkphoenix181812/30 9:16pm
If it wasn't for Nazi Germany, Hitler would actually make a good anti-hero name.
darkphoenix1811412/30 3:25pm
Smart TV or Dumb TV?
darkphoenix1811612/30 2:50pm
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darkphoenix181212/30 3:13am
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