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the biggest twitch thots are talking to each other in podcast like format atm
darkphoenix1812607/26 9:49pm
Trump coloring the American flag with kindergarteners
darkphoenix1815607/24 5:14pm
Idubbz new documentary on Daxflame is hilarious
darkphoenix1812807/24 5:00pm
Bell Delphine stalker makes a cringey post she made even better
darkphoenix1812907/24 9:01am
What is the most tragic anime scene iyo? (Spoilers galore)
darkphoenix1811407/23 1:10am
Will you vote for Kanye in 2020?
darkphoenix181507/20 12:13pm
Did you ever believe that ancient people thought the earth was flat?
darkphoenix1811707/18 4:56am
If Gardevoir was real and asked you out.
darkphoenix1812207/17 4:17am
Amouranth bellydancing with her beta orbiter mods
darkphoenix1813607/14 11:24pm
Theodore Roosevelt with the last Triceratops. Taken in 1909.
darkphoenix1812607/13 7:15pm
Former KGB operative explains the brainwashing of America
darkphoenix181307/13 9:08am
Is it racist to ride splash mountain?
darkphoenix181507/11 11:30am
I take a potatoe chip.....and EAT it
darkphoenix181307/08 12:58pm
Tswift song Me really underscores the unequal dating dynamic in our society.
darkphoenix181107/08 11:35am
BNA on netflix is actually a top tier anime
darkphoenix1811707/04 7:14pm
Dr.Disrespect also has no idea why got banned.
darkphoenix1811806/28 1:17am
Dr.Disrespect's very last moment on twitch
darkphoenix1811506/27 9:20pm
Stores in Texas are running out of tp and water again
darkphoenix181206/27 9:18pm
Is the highest form of art subverted expectations?
darkphoenix181106/25 9:51am
Kojima himself weighs in on tlou2
darkphoenix1811306/24 5:29pm
You know Abby, we really are the Schindler's list.
darkphoenix181606/24 2:46pm
Could tlou2 number of user reviews possibly be legit?
darkphoenix181806/24 12:13am
Games/Movies not using Houston as a setting is a missed opportunity.
darkphoenix1811106/23 5:48pm
So apparently Yale was named after a slave trader
darkphoenix181506/23 5:19pm
Think one day male virgin be desired and women praised for conquests?
darkphoenix181306/23 2:41pm
J.K. Rowling finally starting to get canceled.
darkphoenix1811606/23 2:02pm
The romans thought small packages were more aesthetic
darkphoenix1811406/23 12:58pm
Lists reasons society says a man is not a man.
darkphoenix1812606/23 12:34pm
Should games like movies start having more pointless sex scenes?
darkphoenix181406/23 12:12pm
Finally got a switch! I think.
darkphoenix181506/23 11:55am
Guy told me he had sex with more than 35 men. Is this normal?
darkphoenix1811306/23 11:27am
Is Kill Bill the only QT movies that doesn't have excessive n word?
darkphoenix1812906/23 1:33am
Ever think Covid kinda came at the perfect time?
darkphoenix1811606/22 11:52am
Stay loyal to a job (10+ years) or new job every 1-2 years?
darkphoenix1811106/22 11:06am
Micheal Cera as Shaft.
darkphoenix181606/18 1:28pm
What does this emoji mean?
darkphoenix1812006/18 10:30am
Science isn't meant to be followed.
darkphoenix181406/18 10:30am
PSA: You can no longer copy paste an op's post throughout a topic
darkphoenix181206/18 10:05am
Have you ever told a police officer thank you for your service?
darkphoenix1811706/17 12:23pm
If a super hot girl wanted to dominate you, would you let her?
darkphoenix1813506/16 9:47am
Should I feel guilty watching Quentin Tarantino movies?
darkphoenix181306/16 12:56am
Have you ever called a girl daddy?
darkphoenix181606/15 5:10pm
Have you ever called a girl mommy?
darkphoenix1812006/15 5:02pm
Will we ever get UBI?
darkphoenix181206/15 10:20am
Is it as big as a stigma for a girl to live with her parents in her 20s+
darkphoenix181506/13 11:08am
acab :C/D
darkphoenix181106/11 1:16pm
Are you doing anything to prepare for 2nd wave of covid?
darkphoenix181406/08 11:01am
New psychology research finds extreme protest actions reduce support for movemen
darkphoenix1812906/04 1:03am
Will Chauvin trial top oj?
darkphoenix181706/03 11:38pm
Are curfews just an excuse to assault people and "charge" them?
darkphoenix181706/03 10:22am
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