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Time for me to return to rating VGM stuff.

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Time to set this straight. I leave for my home state tomorrow, but the house up there doesn't have internet. So unsure whether or not I will be able to keep everyone updated. As of now I've fought May again and Wally as well.

Lombre, Slugma, and her Marshtomp... she really hates fire-types. Then you have Poka soloing Wally's Kirlia which was 11 levels higher and then evolving. Other than that, no other things to note and I will play up to the point that it would fit in an entire update, then as soon as I'm able I will update. If I don't get a chance, I'll end up creating a new topic if this one purges when I come back after the summer. Farewell for now, those of you that pay attention.

As a little game, if someone ends up posting before I fall asleep tonight (you'll know by either me replying or when the updates come), they may choose the theme for how I name any Pokes that don't have names of b8ers from now on. Only one I still have left is reserved for a Dragon.

My sig needs changing. I'll get a better one later.

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