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Has anyone seen In The Heights yet?

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saspa posted...
Yeah I caught the West End production with a friend in London, and those tickets are actually double the price of USA
Jesus lol. I do wonder why they're still so expensive even now. Especially for someone like me who lives nowhere near New York so there'd be travel involved, too. I don't think the tour prices are that much better, but eh. Then you get Hadestown which starts around $50 and goes to just over $100 for the best seats.

PepsiWithCoke posted...
Seems like a good excuse to go to the theater for the first time in forever.
If you claim you have AMC stock you get a free popcorn!

bsp77 posted...
Watching tonight on HBO Max with my girlfriend. My ex gf told me she already watched it (we share HBO Max) and loved it except it removed her favorite song.
Let us know how you like it! What was her favorite song? Inutil? Sunrise? Them removing Inutil hit me pretty hard, especially when there's a perfect moment and reasoning for it.

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