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I finally got Robin's origin story, and god damn. I teared up 2 separate times during all that, that was fucking brutal and weirdly relatable. Robin has def jumped up in my crew ranking after this arc.

Skimming through all the recap episodes rn, kinda enjoy the little One Piece Theater sketches they have during these. Not watching these eps all the way through for obvious reasons, but it is kinda nice to pop in a couple seconds here and there just to be like "Oh hey, yeah I remember that".

And while I personally have gotten to this point in 4 months, I know when these came out this had been like, 4+ years already, so I'm not as mad about the recaps as I might've been when I was younger. They're also real easy to skim through, so no harm no foul, as of now.

- The user formerly known as WafflehouseJK

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