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azuarc posted...
What do you have to play?

* If you don't have pets, pick family members (kids if you have them).
* If you have an ultra-common name like John, stick to the most prominent Johns.

My two cats were named for video game cats, so...

Neko - Secret of Mana (duh), arguably OneShot and Grand Theft Auto IV (Niko)
Ashes - Fallout IV, arguably Final Fantasy XII and Overwatch (Ashe)

If there are Neko games with a character named Neko, someone will have to enlighten me. I literally didn't know Neko meant cat when I named him.

Fire Emblem Three houses also has a character named Ashe.

Don't mess with a Bunny!

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and I have a closed list, so there is no way I can be the "5th female"

Wow this makes what happened 3 years ago with me and Semi look tame :P
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