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ShotWaifu posted...
I abstained from voting because no one that appealed to me was on the ballot.
Not a single person? Nothing local interested you either? In my area, we had to vote on stuff like to raise police salaries and such.

Sphyx posted...
Also, hardly anyone gives a shit about your empathy or opinion. So withholding it is also an empty and toothless statement.
Coolio. Still means you coulda voted but you didn't. The most important message here is that YOUR opinion won't matter to your elected constituents who don't actually represent you.

wackyteen posted...
I know I've heard of one story, forget the state(want to say in the South though), where the only place to get your ID was only open like every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, and you had to make appointments, and the appointments was the only time they could address your issues.

Now imagine you're poor, constantly working, have kids, have no car, etc and trying to fit an insane restriction into your busy schedule while trying to figure out how to get all of the documentation so you can get the ID so you can then go through the voter registration process.

That's where I remember the story ending.

Now imagine also:

on election day, you've been scheduled for a 12 hour shift and don't get to exercise your right to vote.

It sounds insane but it happens.

It isn't just a matter of showing up and voting for everybody.
This is why I support making election day a paid holiday, with it's purposes benefiting for those who are less fortunate. The truth is that there are many people, especially young people, who are actively choosing to not vote when they had the opportunities compared to the people like in your example couldn't get it done.

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