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How to deal with lonliness?

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Big_Nabendu posted...
Start working out
You'll feel good about yourself

I do but it's hard to that now with the gyms closed :<

tremain07 posted...
My honest advice to TC is to leave the site, start doing things that require interaction, people hate it but twitter, facebook, even a twitch and youtube channel will do more positive things than a bunch of jaded cynical 30 something boomers will

I have all of those already >:

Tenlaar posted...
Well I didn't expect this to end up with the TC either trolling about alcoholism or displaying a shocking ignorance about it.

What? It's True, people need to stop taking away my one coping outlet

"How's it going, lads?" - Former Secretary of Defense, GEN. James N. Mattis (Ret.), United States Marine Corps

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