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I formally apologize.

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Not related but I've been listening to random music to lighten the mood. I thought this was very funny

HelIWithoutSin posted...
-Komaiko54- posted...
I have apologized profusely.

To who? Your aunt and family?

I did to both of them

Zangulus posted...
Still makes you a worthless liar.


Jen0125 posted...
change your future.

It's too late. As much as I tried I've been told by countless people-- admission counselors and admissions officers to my top schools-- that my past is irreversible, that there is no hope to try to change anything. My time as come and gone, I just have to wait for some good news to come though. I can't think of anything positive happening in the future, but I believe in my heart that it's all going to be ok. I'm not religious or anything (I wish I was) but just have to trust that things will sort itself out.
Things Fall Apart
"This clearly played out better within the confines of your mind"