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06/10/21 11:31:44 PM

The Hottest is..

As you know, 26 y/o Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza was crowned Miss Universe 2021 after a YEAR when it was cancelled cause of the pandemic.

The software engineer took over the crown from 2019 title holder, Zozibini Tunzi....

Meza has 40 COUSINS and wowed judges with her pink dress and Aztec Dragon National Costume and is the 3rd mexican to win.

The 6ft model vegan and make up artist who also has CHINESE ANCESTRY is also an activist who works with the Municipal Institute for Women that aims to end gender based violence

This is also the first time EVER where NONE of the top 10 were white women as all were minority beauties

But was she the hottest of the top 10? let's see what people think

Andrea Meza - Winner - Mexico

Julia Gama - 2nd - Brazil

Janick Maceta - 3rd - Peru

Adline Castelino - 4th - India

Kimberly Jimnez - 5th - Dominion Republic

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06/11/21 12:08:52 AM

Seems a little bit 2021 intentional.

But Mexico then Costa Rica then Pureto Rico are my top 3

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06/11/21 7:31:23 AM

> had no white women
> top 3 are white

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BlAcK TuRtLe
06/11/21 3:10:08 PM

Knowing nothing about these women besides the pictures, Brazil or Thailand should've won

Props to azuarc, the current Guru of the Decade.
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06/11/21 10:26:41 PM

Peru >>>> Thailand >>>>>>>>>>> the rest

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06/11/21 11:13:28 PM

Vlado posted...
> had no white women
> top 3 are white

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06/11/21 11:29:44 PM

Mexico and Puerto Rico

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