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Full Throttle
10/17/20 11:30:51 PM

I use..

Here are the different types of toothbrushes people can use...but which is yours? not surprisingly, manual is still the most popular!!.

Manual -


Electric -


Inter-dental -


Sulcabrush -


End-Tuft -


Ecological -

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10/18/20 2:11:48 AM

Ecological seems like it's just manual with an earth-friendly gimmick >_>

At any rate, I'm still manual.

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10/18/20 2:19:21 AM

I use an electric tooth brush with 2-minute quad pulse timer (the idea is you brush each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds and move on when you feel the brush pause). I think it's definitely helped improve my dental hygiene. Not that it was bad before, but I do think it has made a difference. I also used to have a water flosser, but I forgot to grab it when I moved.
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10/18/20 2:36:12 AM

I use electric tooth bush for 30 seconds each quad and Inter-dental brushes for the gaps in my teeth. I also use floss and mouthwash now and then. I'm not sure why you listed Inter-dental brushes as a option here when they are the equivalent of floss. My dentist suggested Inter-dental brushes before I even known these are a thing and they help me a lot.

Ecological? Whoa I use those, soft brushes for my part dentures on my bottom teeth. Mine are black though but still made from bamboo.

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10/18/20 2:45:59 AM

I use manual toothbrushes. I did use an electric one for awhile, but it didn't work out for me.

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10/18/20 2:08:14 PM

I use an Arm & Hammer Spinbrush. It uses AA batteries and has two heads, one that spins and one that scrubs back and forth. And it only costs $10 for the base unit. Replacements heads are like $4 for two, and a pair of AA batteries lasts 6 months or so.

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10/18/20 3:44:08 PM


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