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I can relate.

ParanoidObsessive posted...
I'm still safe from that (my account won't be half my age until 2029 - and let's be honest, the site probably isn't going to be around that long).

That's what you were saying like a decade ago!

adjl posted...
Mine hit 21 in September. Kind of wild to think about, really.

Mine hit 22 last month.

And I try not to think about it.

ParanoidObsessive posted...
The truly terrifying thing is when you realize that, for some people here at least, they've had an account here for more than half their life.

The more terrifying thing is when your account is 22 and it only accounts for a small fraction of your life.

Tempus fugit. Like I'll sometimes mention, a teenager once asked for directions and I started to tell him where something was, only for somebody I was with to interrupt and mention those landmarks I referenced hadn't been around for longer than the kid had been alive.

There are precious few at ease / With moral ambiguities / So we act as though they don't exist.

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