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04/05/17 11:00:12 PM

Is Arden Hot?

31 y/o Actress Arden Cho, a Korean-American actress revealed she was once told NOT wear yellow because of her ethnicity and is now in a powerful photo shoot where she is wearing the colour to reclaim the colour!!

She shared the pics of her modelling shoot in a yellow turtleneck sweater by UNIF and a demin skirt and white sneakers as the former Teen Wolf star said "Don't wear yellow because you're yellow".

Arden said the racist remarks affected her and she decided to wear the colour again rather than listen to racists

She said "Someone once told me i shouldn't wear yellow because i'me yellow and it's not going to be flattering on me. I think i might disagree. I might actually like yellow on me. Sometimes it's best to take someone else's opinion with a grain of salt. I'm working on listening to myself more and caring less about the opinion of others, Especially when it's racist, i'm not actually yellow"

Arden was born and raised in Texas and said she's endured many racist remarks that it doesn't faze her anymore but warned that her thick skin isn't a positive thing as these comments should not be normalized.

It took her 30 years to feel comfortable in her own skin after feeling like an "alien" and thinking she didn't belong but after this election and hearing the racist rhetoric, she's urging people not to judge yourself on what other's say and many readers have appreciated her stsory.

Arden has appeared in many tv series and movies such as Hawaii Five-O, Castle, Walking the Halls and Olympus has Fallen

Is Arden Hot? let's see what people think

Arden -
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04/05/17 11:06:08 PM

not to me
mr top goon in this thang
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04/05/17 11:07:09 PM

I like the first pic
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04/05/17 11:07:15 PM

Too skinny.
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Skye Reynolds
04/05/17 11:08:09 PM

Yes. Yes, she is.

And yellow is totally her color. :3
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04/05/17 11:11:33 PM

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04/05/17 11:12:36 PM

kind of reminds me of Jubilee from X-Men
Actually, I dont give a damn.
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