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Do people in U.S.A still call their friends parents by their last name?
epik_fail1308/27 8:58am
Do you believe in rehabilitation?
epik_fail12007/11 12:34pm
A question to minorities here.
epik_fail11307/05 8:36am
Rank the E3 presentations in order
epik_fail1506/20 1:37pm
Who is your favourite lgbt character?
epik_fail14906/15 8:25pm
Why are so many people offended by pride month?
epik_fail1106/02 8:22pm
Who will kill ____ in GoT? *spoilers*
epik_fail1205/14 11:12am
I still find the last season of game of thrones entertaining...
epik_fail1305/13 1:04pm
Do you consider Ben Shapiro the "rightist" equivalent of a SJW?
epik_fail1505/10 3:08pm
Who will sit on the iron throne? *Spoilers I guess?*
epik_fail11605/07 4:24pm
I hope the PC version of Borderlands 3 allow split screen coop...
epik_fail1505/01 4:47pm
I wish Marvel made a storm centric movie
epik_fail12404/30 11:54am
How do you tell your coworker to stop talking to you while you are peeing...
epik_fail11604/24 4:19pm
I think baby boomers is the most spoiled and entitled generation of all time.
epik_fail12404/13 2:03pm
Do you like Melisandre in game of thrones?
epik_fail1703/17 10:18am
What was the worst era for video games?
epik_fail14302/26 3:30pm
I left my job without finding another job yet...
epik_fail14902/20 2:19pm
Which video game company has the whiniest fanbase?
epik_fail1902/11 2:21pm
List things everyone will have to endure in their life aside from death
epik_fail1202/03 2:55pm
"Why does it matter that x character is gay?"
epik_fail16501/28 10:03pm
HS : You learn that one of your coworker made porn
epik_fail1901/24 8:29am
How exactly is trump not a SJW?
epik_fail12401/01 10:04pm
Being annoyed by radical sjw is not a good reason to support the salt right
epik_fail1112/18 2:34pm
I see way more conservative triggered by lgbt in movies than feminists...
epik_fail1412/15 2:13pm
Do not write incels on google image
epik_fail120111/24 4:36am
I work with an anti vaxxer...
epik_fail11211/20 2:31am
Would you rather date a radical sjw or a radical alt rightist?
epik_fail17111/13 1:00am
What is your opinion on people who call life is strange "life is tumblr''
epik_fail1610/14 6:40pm
Who is the easiest to trigger? The tumblr crowd or the Trump one?
epik_fail1610/10 4:53pm
What was so horrible about Yoko Ono (physically)
epik_fail11210/07 8:28pm
I have met more easily offended rightists than leftists in real life
epik_fail12609/24 5:00pm
Have you ever seen people whine about sjws outside of internet message boards?
epik_fail1909/24 12:11am
If your parents were pokemon. What type would they be?
epik_fail1309/10 7:37pm
Why,,,, do many old people,,, write like that on facebook,,,,
epik_fail11309/07 9:48pm
Did you ever hear someone say "did you assume my gender?" Seriously?
epik_fail11808/22 10:43am
My mom is on welfare and she judges other welfare recipients
epik_fail1708/19 10:42pm
I am getting fed up with people getting fired for things they said 10 years ago
epik_fail1507/23 12:15pm
HS : You discover that your favourite youtuber did bdsm porn
epik_fail11306/26 11:23pm
Question to "anti-sjws" Are you ok with unecessary pandering to hetero
epik_fail13406/09 11:26am
Game companies finally made me see what people who whine pandering and sjws..
epik_fail1306/06 9:52pm
As a Canadian, I would like to apologise for being a national threat to you..
epik_fail11006/06 7:10pm
Who are the famous gay/bi characters in movies/games?
epik_fail1905/29 12:31am
I got huge trust issues and I want to do something about it.
epik_fail1305/28 2:03pm
what is your opinion on internet troll culture?
epik_fail11905/25 8:32pm
what is the most underated video game company?
epik_fail1505/21 12:52pm
I wish japenese games would stop sexualising teenagers and kids.
epik_fail1405/20 6:30pm
I feel like I am one of the rare ones who actually did not enjoy Botw that much
epik_fail1905/09 11:00pm
Do you know someone who believe the bizarre conspiracy of cultural marxism IRL?
epik_fail1105/06 2:19pm
*major spoilers about Riverdale* I agree with Cheryl (sp?)
epik_fail14505/05 11:14pm
How many incels do you think their is on GF(approximately)
epik_fail11105/04 11:00pm
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