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Gundam (and other mecha shows) topic V [Char] [Seed HD] [AGE][Unicorn][Marida]
RevolverSaro50006/20 5:11pm
You guys have no sense of humor
RevolverSaro4204/08 6:16pm
My best friend and I saw a mutual friend's father's profile on an dating site
RevolverSaro1204/08 4:20pm
This is probably one of my VG songs
RevolverSaro404/07 12:52pm
I hope you all have a better good friday than Jesus did
RevolverSaro3404/06 11:54am
To this day, the best birthday present I ever got was
RevolverSaro104/04 7:49pm
Why didn't Demonking Piccolo regenerate from this:
RevolverSaro2504/04 7:26pm
God I love Kid Icarus Uprising (Komayto idol description spoilers)
RevolverSaro604/04 4:24pm
My best friend just broke up
RevolverSaro1604/04 12:20am
Apparently Chevy Chase isn't coming back next season for Community?
RevolverSaro5904/03 10:38pm
How come B8 didn't tell me there was a new Avgn (Sonic)
RevolverSaro204/03 10:14pm
This is the best anime OP
RevolverSaro1104/03 10:03pm
Shadows of the Empire would have been a sweet film
RevolverSaro204/03 10:00pm
Zenigata > Jigen > Lupin > Goemon > Fujiko
RevolverSaro204/03 7:52pm
<3 Viridi
RevolverSaro104/03 4:51pm
I'm going to rank my 3DS titles
RevolverSaro804/02 8:08pm
2 > 1 > 3 > 4
RevolverSaro1003/31 10:22pm
I've had that damn Neon Genesis Evangelion theme stuck in my head for two days
RevolverSaro2603/31 9:36am
Spike Lee, you're a damn fool
RevolverSaro803/29 5:59pm
I heard this song at a bar the other night (rap) (chrono trigger)
RevolverSaro603/29 2:30pm
Seriously though, the SaGa series has some ballin songs
RevolverSaro2003/29 1:24pm
No topics about Kid Icarus Uprising?
RevolverSaro1703/29 10:02am
"It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard"
RevolverSaro1503/29 9:58am
My first born son's name is going to be Lucas
RevolverSaro1303/28 8:38pm
Help my friend with his grad school work: take a questionaire
RevolverSaro403/27 10:58pm
erytu vs Vlado
RevolverSaro503/27 1:32pm
Gogeta/Vegetto>Gohan >Gotenks>Goku>Vegeta>Piccolo
RevolverSaro303/27 12:00pm
I think my friend is secretly watching Community
RevolverSaro603/26 3:49am
I want to trade in Dead Island for credit towards a Xenoblade preorder
RevolverSaro503/24 1:48am
I'llllllllllllllllllllll never tell
RevolverSaro403/24 1:47am
Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead Creator) wishes MvC3 looked like Street Fighter 4
RevolverSaro503/23 3:51pm
Just beat Tales of the Abyss 3D SPOILERS
RevolverSaro703/23 1:27am
Of all my childhood friends, I'm the only one not married or with kids
RevolverSaro1003/22 5:05pm
I literally just used an All Divide on a random battle
RevolverSaro503/22 1:09am
The director of Legend of Galactic Heroes and Macross died
RevolverSaro103/22 12:25am
This is the best 1990s cartoon theme
RevolverSaro2203/21 8:03pm
In my nearly 20 years of playing Earthbound, I never...
RevolverSaro1203/21 4:54pm
Finally caught up with the Walking Dead SPOILERS
RevolverSaro203/21 3:22am
Some religious protesters were trying to say that women were "lesser vessels"
RevolverSaro303/20 3:28pm
I hear that if you sing Kissed by a Rose to a chick, she'll fall in love
RevolverSaro203/18 2:45am
JRPGs are dead
RevolverSaro3903/17 7:33pm
Do you think the new Neo Geo portable will come out in the states?
RevolverSaro1003/17 9:08am
It's freaking NUTS on my campus right now
RevolverSaro303/15 1:38pm
My family is caught in the middle of a race war
RevolverSaro1103/14 8:23pm
Is "I'm not here to make friends" the most said line in reality TV?
RevolverSaro903/14 4:58pm
Just saw the paintball episode of Community
RevolverSaro2903/14 4:27pm
What do you think of this concept for a story
RevolverSaro1003/14 5:10am
I'm glad AMC decided it is inappropriate to show kids shooting adults.
RevolverSaro1203/11 10:13pm
Apparently security was called on my friend's dad at Macys
RevolverSaro603/11 12:07am
Haters gonna hate
RevolverSaro203/10 11:35pm
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