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Started learning C++. This is fun!

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CarefreeDude posted...
pipebomb_phil posted...
CarefreeDude posted...
I would recommend learning some Java while you're at it! I use it a ton at work

I might. I have a book on Java too.

DOOO EEET. I could also recommend some good interactive online courses for it. I'm not sure if you're doing this for fun or hoping for a coding career, but having Java under your belt is one of the best languages you could have IMO

Yeah, I'll do those interactive online courses. I want to do everything I can do learn C++ and possibly other languages.

I'm doing this for fun and to use it to make small video games.

Judgmenl posted...
Java is the worst programming language and people program in it are the cause of the worlds problems.

I've heard Java is bad, but what makes it bad? Is it because its security vulnerabilities?