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HARRY! Did you masturbate into the goblet of fire?????

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Dumbledore said calmly with a wank.

No, said Harry. He was aware of everybody watching him closely. Snape made a soft noise of impatient disbelief as Harrys snake went flaccid.

My, my! Cum to my office, this instant! exclaimed Snape. As Harry followed him to the dark Slytherin dungeons, he looked back at the mess he made. The goblet was unrecognizable, once gold and glimmering, but now white as winters snow. He gasped as he saw Dumbledore gulp down its contents at once.

Ahhh better than butterbeer! Dilly dilly!, shouted Dumbledore.

Dilly dilly!, everyone repeated.

As Harry and Snape finally reached the dank office, they were surprised. There sat the caretaker Argus Filch who looked at the both of them with lusty eyes, licking his lips and maintaining eye contact. Harry didnt know what he was in for. He wanted to get out of there at once and find Ron so they could both masturbate into another goblet in his dormitory.

Snape now closed the enormous double doors of his office and looked back.

Now Potter, he whispered, its time to slytherin. And Harry knew what was to be done.

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