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Best game of 1993? (Original release date)
adamko102/27 12:30pm
What would happen if Bayern Munich played the US women's national soccer team?
adamko308/15 9:35am
Gamefaqs will be 25 years this November
adamko705/05 3:17pm
HARRY! Did you masturbate into the goblet of fire?????
adamko709/30 7:38pm
Rate my brazilian GF
adamko612/11 8:44pm
Do you know about Glitchwave?
adamko111/16 9:19am
jean grey's outfit in the 90s cartoon was weird
adamko603/24 11:15pm
Wow Twilight Princess is awful
adamko13503/20 8:08pm
Is it true that Nicole Kidman's father sold her to the Hollywood pedos?
adamko1010/19 5:05am
Beverly Marsh *IT books spoilers*
adamko2509/23 8:39am
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