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Finished Persona 5 Royal (Spoilers implied)

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Wanglicious posted...
from the comments, he was throwing cement at 'em.
can't blame the cops on that one, fuck this dude.
Nah. Honestly, fuck you for promoting escalation as policy here. That sort of shit is kinda how we got here in the first place.

Especially since you're saying things like this without actually confirming them to be true LMAO

xp1337 posted...
Roberts's opinion is basically "guys this is a reasonable health restriction" while Kavanaugh went "DISCRIMINATION AGAINST RELIGION!" The journalist notes that it's pretty rare for Roberts to concur in a denial of an emergency application and speculates that he wanted to respond to Kavanaugh's dissent which is pretty nuts.
Kavanaugh's dissent is wild, and frankly very indicative of why he doesn't belong on any bench, let alone the one he's actually on. Shame on Gorsuch and Thomas for going along with it, too.

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