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Would you say video gaming is your "main" hobby?
Raka_Putra1905/20 9:22am
Tales of Luminaria to end service in July 2022 (launched November 2021)
Raka_Putra1105/10 10:30am
If you must choose one non-Mii character to delete from SSBU roster...
Raka_Putra6405/07 5:41pm
Eid Mubarak, Happy Eid al-Fitr
Raka_Putra405/01 10:46am
Best Pokemon professor?
Raka_Putra1604/30 1:15pm
Anyone played Disaster Report 4 here?
Raka_Putra704/27 7:26pm
Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore
Raka_Putra3304/26 2:08pm
ITT We make modern video game urban legends
Raka_Putra204/23 11:38am
Worst non-generic subtitle?
Raka_Putra3204/19 12:41pm
Age of Empires II - Definitive Edition: Dynasties of India
Raka_Putra204/19 8:01am
Do you have any actor whose works you actively seek out?
Raka_Putra2004/19 4:05am
Squirdle topic
Raka_Putra13404/11 4:46pm
Umbrella Academy S3 to air in June, Elliot Page returns as Viktor Hargreeves
Raka_Putra1404/10 4:55pm
As you get older, do you tend to look for games with shorter playtimes?
Raka_Putra3704/05 10:53am
Turning Red now out on Disney+ (marked spoilers please)
Raka_Putra5504/03 2:13am
Do you consider yourself religious?
Raka_Putra2804/02 9:45pm
How many generations of mainline Pokemon have you played?
Raka_Putra5104/01 5:35pm
Who's your favorite Mystery Inc. member?
Raka_Putra2303/24 6:42pm
Your favorite cereal?
Raka_Putra1703/23 7:50pm
Rune Factory 5 Review Zone
Raka_Putra3503/23 12:36pm
What are some games you like despite not liking the gameplay?
Raka_Putra5403/21 2:35pm
We Don't Talk About Bruno will be performed live at the Oscars
Raka_Putra903/16 9:39pm
Do you play Roblox?
Raka_Putra803/16 2:45pm
How many monitors do you have on your main PC?
Raka_Putra1203/16 1:51pm
$50 Chocobo GP offers mobile game style mictrotransactions
Raka_Putra1603/11 8:03pm
Do you agree with private companies sanctioning Russia?
Raka_Putra3703/10 10:43pm
Have you, or someone you know personally, got COVID?
Raka_Putra4003/09 3:31pm
Have you ever had a Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo console?
Raka_Putra3603/07 2:40am
So what's the consensus about the Hitman series?
Raka_Putra2502/28 2:57pm
We Don't Talk About Bruno finally hits no. 1 on Billboard Hot 100
Raka_Putra2602/26 10:38am
Which PS2 Nippon Ichi Software is your favorite?
Raka_Putra702/20 11:49pm
So how much do you play games weekly, on average?
Raka_Putra1602/19 8:03am
Which games are the worst as an entry into their series?
Raka_Putra5402/17 10:12pm
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie trailer
Raka_Putra3502/17 7:16am
Which undesirable JRPG job would you take?
Raka_Putra3002/16 4:46pm
Murderville (marked spoilers)
Raka_Putra702/10 2:18pm
Recommend me PS4 games with <20 hours of playtime
Raka_Putra1602/08 7:05pm
GTA V: 160 million copies sold; Final Fantasy series: 164 million copies sold
Raka_Putra1702/08 4:38am
What are your top 3 most played game based on playtime?
Raka_Putra6002/04 11:10pm
Team17 (Worms, Overcooked, Yooka-Layle) cancels NFT plans after backlash
Raka_Putra302/02 12:18pm
Nintendo purchasing Board 8 for $3.65 and a rubber band
Raka_Putra901/31 4:01pm
If you've been following the leaks of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, how do they...
Raka_Putra501/26 12:47pm
What was the latest thing you watched on Netflix?
Raka_Putra3001/24 9:39pm
Disney's Encanto (now available on Disney +) (spoilers)
Raka_Putra5501/22 12:05am
Think of a playable video game character...
Raka_Putra1901/20 12:47pm
Microsoft to acquire Activision Ice Beam
Raka_Putra301/18 10:40am
Kriegsfront, upcoming mech-building tactical RPG inspired by Front Mission
Raka_Putra201/18 12:13am
Pokemon that you forget the type(s) of
Raka_Putra2201/17 5:48am
Sony addresses PS5 shortage, cranks up production
Raka_Putra3001/14 5:03pm
What do you think of No More Heroes 3? (mark your spoilers please)
Raka_Putra701/12 1:29am
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