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Dead to Me on Netflix is quality. Big recommend.

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STElNER posted...
i dunno what to make of people like biscuit who only watch wwe, then don't watch a show that is good and still dump on it. you don't watch any wrestling as far as anyone here can tell - why post here?

That should be obvious. I enjoy following wrestling (and not just WWE). I don't watch any other wrestling except matches specifically pointed out to me by one of my friends.

I didn't dump on the show--I can't speak on that. But the idea of Brock freaking Lesnar being champion again, something everyone was hating up until WrestleMania, is now champion again. But people are saying that it's an improvement because they had a more horrible storyline going on before it. They replaced something you hate with something else you hate.

Basically, I'm patiently waiting around until AEW starts and keeping up with everything until then.
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