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Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial 2

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The money was only ever donated by Elon and Johnny. After Amber announced she donated all of the money from the spanorce to those charities, it was a violation of the NDA of their spanorce settlement, so instead of having the money go straight to Amber, he had the first installment be paid to the respective charities and set up to be paid each month.

Then Amber called and furiously demanded they no longer be paid and that she receive the money to donate directly to them so she could get the untaxed amount, claiming that Johnny just wanted to donate it on his behalf to reap the tax benefits of the donation.

She then received the money incrementally. Elon Musk donated at her behest at times that kind of line up with things like the UK trial and some other date I can't remember. But she claimed the entire amount was donated the whole time.

The ACLU showed off an installment plan they sent to Amber about how she can pay for it at the trial. It was pointed out that it was not signed and they don't even know if Amber even saw it. It's a CYA for ACLU and nothing more. There's a reason ACLU spent a ton of money trying not to be subpoenaed for this.

But Amber made no effort to even attempt to pay these charities and the pledge claim is hilariously awful. Not a soul buys this. Apparently the jury collectively was disgusted by it, in a rare show of solidarity.

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