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Platinum #178 Bugsnax

Was also sitting on this. There is a lot to say, some of it would offend the sensitive gamefaqs crowd. So I'll keep it to this, Bugnax is my favorite game of the year. For a new ip to draw me this hard in with its world, characters and adventure is impressive, I'm a sequel guy because it usually takes multiple games to get your footing within a world.

I spent 15 hrs doing the 100% for Bugsnax and the entire time was a fantastic journey. I had my doubts of the game holding my interest very long but the game owes a lot to Darksiders. You may have raised an eyebrow there but hear me out! Darksiders at its core is an action adventure game but it borrows so many things from so many other franchises. It didn't care about being original, and I don't think Bugsnax does either but the execution of fun by making this giant dagwood sandwich makes it an experience to remember.

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