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B8 Madden Franchise @Continues [email protected]
MegamanX9708/01 2:01pm
Playing Virtues Last Reward for the first time *Spoiler Warning*
MegamanX1407/26 4:00pm
Today my account is old enough to be 20
MegamanX1107/24 2:28pm
In a calendar year, how many days are you sick?
MegamanX2506/20 4:52pm
My Top RPGs of All Time
MegamanX2606/05 3:08pm
Batwoman without Batwoman (Arrowverse)
MegamanX705/19 9:20pm
Oh look XIII is back
MegamanX305/13 10:12pm
B8 Madden Franchise @Starts [email protected]
MegamanX49705/13 8:51pm
Trails in the Sky FC Playthrough Topic of Sorts *Spoilers*
MegamanX3505/02 3:39pm
The Fire Emblem Fates Project finishes
MegamanX6404/18 12:44pm
Choose my next 3DS* game
MegamanX1204/15 2:08am
Do you like Dynasty Warriors games
MegamanX104/13 6:00pm
Are metroidvanias actually an rpg subset?
MegamanX2404/13 2:03pm
Is Dark Souls an rpg?
MegamanX6204/12 5:13pm
Is Zelda an rpg
MegamanX2204/04 5:17pm
Choose that next 3DS* game
MegamanX3004/02 4:34pm
MMX reviews/ranks all the DC Animated Movies *Spoiler Warning!*
MegamanX3803/23 12:56am
Ranking the Fire Emblem Fates characters (continued)
MegamanX8303/23 12:55am
Jackbox 630pm est today
MegamanX703/09 9:08pm
Jackbox anyone?
MegamanX403/06 5:53pm
Two Point Hospital
MegamanX103/03 10:23am
Platinum #151: Timespinner (Vita)
MegamanX503/02 12:25pm
Platinum #150: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of An Elusive Age
MegamanX503/01 3:55pm
Which team do you want to be on Hard Knocks next year? [NFL]
MegamanX102/23 10:20pm
Oh yeah! Platinum #149 Sims 4
MegamanX202/23 11:52am
NFL playoffs are changing
MegamanX7302/21 12:48am
What TV Shows do you like that nobody talks about?
MegamanX5202/14 2:55pm
Best Dragon Quest subtitle?
MegamanX2202/12 7:42pm
EVO 2020 games
MegamanX1602/05 1:14am
Choose my next 3DS game
MegamanX1702/01 12:48pm
What tv should I watch next?
MegamanX1001/31 12:53am
You Have Saved This City, *Arrow Finale Spoilers Inside*
MegamanX401/30 12:41am
MegamanX1901/28 2:01am
Did anyone play Afterparty? (spoilers?)
MegamanX801/26 7:32pm
You can go back and re-experience one game for the first time, you choose....?
MegamanX5101/25 11:56pm
NFL offseason predictions
MegamanX801/22 5:46pm
Chicken and Waffles
MegamanX1701/11 9:04pm
Yakuza 0 Blind Playthrough Topic *Spoiler Warning!*
MegamanX10301/11 10:36am
Game of the Decade Poll Fixed
MegamanX501/10 9:03am
What do you think the major Switch games of 2020 will be?
MegamanX1801/06 2:06pm
Ranking the characters of Fire Emblem Fates
MegamanX10401/05 11:27pm
2020 3DS check in
MegamanX501/02 2:45pm
2019 Beaten Games is a wrap
MegamanX1212/31 9:37pm
My games of the decade
MegamanX912/31 9:16am
Petition Rename the Miami Dolphins to the Fighting Fitzpatricks
MegamanX512/30 8:44am
What should my next 3DS game be?
MegamanX1112/21 8:11pm
Game of the Year presented by B8 and...
MegamanX8812/19 2:18am
What are your top 10 Games of 2019?
MegamanX10312/15 5:42pm
Favorite Video Game Songs of 2019?
MegamanX2612/08 10:57pm
Do you remember any of your old Pokemon teams?
MegamanX4111/27 6:15pm
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