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While 2020 wasn't the best year for anyone, it was especially tough for United States Postal Service employees as the agency said thousands of mail carriers were attacked by dogs in the past year. The Postal Service announced on Thursday that more than 5,800 employees were attacked by dogs in 2020. "From nips and bites to vicious attacks, aggressive dog behavior poses a serious threat to postal employees and the general public," the service said in a statement. The Postal Service also announced which cities and states had the most dog attacks, with Houston topping the list of cities and California being the state with the most attacks. The statistics were announced ahead of National Dog Bite Awareness Week, which began on Saturday and goes through June 18.

Here's the list of top 10 states and number of attacks:
  1. California, 782
  2. Texas, 402
  3. Ohio, 369
  4. New York, 295
  5. Pennsylvania, 291
  6. Illinois, 290
  7. Michigan, 253
  8. Florida, 198
  9. New Jersey, 179
  10. Virginia, 169

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