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VipaGTS posted...
it will be interesting to see how this all plays out, overall. Self-driving cars are new so things like this will simply be treated with current road rules, but as they become more prominent will things change and how will they be enforced? how alert does someone need to be to be driven by a self driving car? I guess the argument will be that in the event of a malfunction at least one person in the car would need to be able to operate the vehicle...

Certainly as of now, you should be extremely alert when on a Tesla autopilot. There's been cases of the cars crashing because of recent road construction. One example I can think of is the construction crew put up barriers to slowly close off a lane. Autopilot just ran straight into them because it thought it was still an open road.

Then there's times when Tesla autopilot can randomly shut off. Apparently it makes a sort of loud noise, but who knows if that dude would have heard it.

It also isn't flawless for avoiding all wrecks. A lot of videos I've watched people have to manually take control of the car to avoid a car quickly switching lanes or other things to that effect
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